I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. I took an anti-depressant for 3 days and I sat in my bathtub with a razor to my wrist, it was mothers day and I was crying and stopped myself called a friend and tossed the pills in the toliet. I will never take or give any of this stuff to my family!..............................................  JUDY M LAFORE

My newphew died at the age of 21. Just a few years ago around this time of year before xmas. He jumped over a rail to the Los Alamos bridge. That is when we found out he was taking anti-depressants and the mixture of drugs he was perscribed was not correct and that these drugs cause people to have suicidal thoughts. These drugs need to be discontinued and should no longer be used. My condolences to you and your family. We feel your pain...Good bless you all!............................................KELLY BRANNAN

Oh my gosh I am sorry for your loss. I lost my sister a few years ago from anti-depressants. You are so strong and doing the right thing by reaching out. I will visit your other sites and sign the petition.
She had struggled her whole life with depression. She was on and off of anti-depressants for years. As far as we know she was not taking the pills when she killed herself. She had tried suicide once before. Her husband had left her and the day he told her, he was not coming back. She shot herself in the head. She was only 32 and  left behind 2 children. We will never get over the loss of her but, today all I feel is her love in my heart. She is safe in God's arms. She was suffering in life and now she can feel the love and the light she always longed for.
You go thru so many emotions. Hurt, blame, anger, dis-belief, confusion...so many different feelings. Its all a part of grieving.
Take time for your self and don't forget your loved one's that are alive. You can become consumed with making someone pay for her death. We tried lawsuits and lawyers. In the end, all we lost was our money. It was all for nothing. We felt worse. I hope you can make a difference and change some laws. You seemed determined. 
Sarina isn't suffering anymore she is finally at peace.
God bless..............................NANCY ULIBARRI

We had a friend we knew who took the anti-depressants and then later committed suicide.  She had a physical condition for a long time and we work in nutrition and helped her a bit, but then she went into other things and eventually she went to a psychiatrist who prescribed some type of psych drug (my wife would remember which one) and then later she killed herself.
There are other cases we know of as well, that is just an example.
I also said you should check www.cchr.org there may be a chapter in Albuquerque, and
that the majority of school kids who shot other kids were taking or just coming off
of anti-depressants.......................ALEX KREIS

My mother committed suicide while on one of these drugs on Dec 1, 1990. I also had a friend who did the same in Sept of 2005, now my brother is starting counseling for depression amoungst other things and right away they sent him to a psychiatrist . I am praying that he does not get put on any of these drugs. He was prescribed wellbutron last year but went off of it right away because he was having suicidal thoughts all of the time. I support your efforts and will keep this in my prayers. .........................KAREN MUCKSAVAGE

I would sign ANY petition that would help get those drugs off the market and out of the hands of doctors who are ignorant of their danger. My husband committed suicide on Paxil in 2003 at the age of 49. I know your pain................................................. DEBRA MOORE

I took Zoloft 3 years ago and within 3 days I was not only suicidal but homicidal as well. I spent 2 days in the psych hospital where they tried to drug me further and forced me to stay on Zoloft. I stayed on the drug for months and raised my dose 2 times, then eventually managed to come off of it. I am no longer suicidal or homicidal and I was never suicidal or homicidal before taking Zoloft. I was prescribed Zoloft for "post-partum anxiety" following an incident in which my newborn baby nearly choked to death at the hospital on undigested formula and he was admitted for observation. I suppose now if you get worried about someone that is a psychiatric disorder? I founded two organizations to educate others about drugs and I have seen how ridiculously the doctors and FDA are behaving. It is long past time to put the power back in the hands of the people, the cronies who get drug money from PhRMA will never do what needs to be done. A life lost is irreplaceable and you can't just go on pretending that the victims are rare, or that it's ok that people keep dying because the drug supposedly helped someone at some point in time... I am glad to see this petition is put together, please send it to as many people as possible...........................................

My experience is close to Sarina's. I came close to suicide and now suffer considerable brain damage as a result of all these misprescribed medications. Unfortunately, my mother was not so lucky. Forced on anti-depressants by my sister, she ended up losing her life...........................................................................

I got your email this morning and I will sign that petition and pass it along to everyone I know. My friend had also attempted suicide after being prescribed pills which were meant to make her depression
cease. Fortunately, she was not successful in her attempt.                                                                    I hope you find peace in your life. I can't imagine losing a child. Your daughter was very beautiful.
Two years ago, my fiancee passed away unexpectedly. The first thing that came to my mind was what his parents would have to face and endure once they found out what had happened. That was the worst
feeling for me.
What has brought me comfort since, was my African Grey Parrot, who began to say, "I see my dad!!" after Jake died. She constantly reminds me that he is still watching over us, protecting us. She used to say,
"i love my dad!": and now she tells me how she sees him, usually every morning. When I ask her what her dad says, she replies, "I love my mom!" If you have an animal around, I would pay very close attention
to the pet, because they will let you know when and how often your daughter is around you. That truly has been the main source of my comfort, hearing my parrot say, "I see my dad! I see my dead boy!".
Then I can say, "Hi jake! ", and know he is always near me. Also, knowing that I have a very special angel protecting me. I wish you luck in your mission and hope you find peace. Take care................................

I lost my husband to these terrible drugs 3.5 yrs. ago. I also did not understand how lethal they were. Too many have died. Let's get these drugs banned now!!!!....

I have signed this petition to abolish suicide- causing anti-depressants. My daughter Roberta was also prescribed an anti-depressant and also commited suicide at age 34. Her family (including her son & daughter) are so heart-broken; we miss her so much; our lives will never be the same.............................

My heart goes out to you. I lost a brother to suicide that I believe was Anti-depressant related...................

I almost lost my life to this. As hard as it is to write this, such a young life to such and over abused drug. They give me anti-depressants for everything when I have a headaches(migranes) to my Fibromyalga. I lived and know that its wasn't me that decided to kill myself. It was the pills!!!!!!!!.....................................................

My son, Chris, took a life and his own from reactions to SSRI and TCA antidepresants. Both could have been prevented, but warnings were not and still are not strong enough on these medications to inform all doctors, nurses, clinicians, patients and family members and friends of the possible adverse reaction symptoms and potentially fatal outcomes thereof..........

I lost my sweet son last year to suicide after taking zanax. Nothing will ever be the same for any of us.  My heart is broken for you. Only a mother can understand that type of heartache.  I will sign your petition and would love to know more.  Thank you and God bless....

My husband suicided 5 weeks after beginning an anti-depressant which agitated him enough to take his life. He was NOT suicidal until 2 weeks into his drug regimen. His antidepressant killed him......................

MY daughter has had a suicide attempt due to these drugs at age 15! It has triggered a whole series of issues which has resulted in her struggling daily with a situation that has transformed her life in ways that a young person should never have to deal with. We need to stop this..........................................................

i started taking anti depressants in 04. i came very very close to ending my life earlier this year. these drugs that are supposed to help you are killing you. i was a complete wreck when i was on this shit. and when i came off it felt more like i was detoxing from cocaine or something. i hope we can get people to wake up and realize the dangers before it is too late. my brother-in-law lost the love of his life in 05. she was just 20 years old and was on the same thing that your daughter and i were on. she killed her self by taking a dose of the drugs and fell asleep in her car in the desert in carlsbad and died of the heat reaching 160 degrees in the car. i hope you can go on and be strong for your daughter. you and her will be in my prayers always. may god bless you and give you the strength you need to continue on. love, Jason.........................................

My deepest sympathy and I solidly agree with your crusade as we, my wife and I have suffered the same trauma. Our daughter was on seroxat an anti depressant when she took her own life and we have been campagning for the last four years in Britain. Great strength to you and your crusade, god bless.......

We lost our son, B.J., to suicide after 7 weeks on Effexor XR. The changes in him were immediately noticable after he took his first dose. From there it was a dizzying spiral of anguish, pain, fear, and confusion...until he ended his life on September 3, 2003. These drugs must be banned...but people need help to get off of them before they are taken off the market or the consequences will be horrific as people are forced into cold turkey withdrawal from these allegedly non-addictive drugs.....................................

My heart goes out to you. These drugs are criminal. I know. I was on them. I am now 16 months into antidepressant withdrawal and have been suicidal many many times..........................................................

I lost my brother 3 years ago due to psychotropics. His organs shut down, one of the side effects of Haldol. These drugs kill....................................................

I lost my 15 year old son - he died while on Lexipro August 10, 2003. This year he would be turning 21 on September 21......................................................

I feel your pain and understand what you and your family have gone through. My husband ingested Zyban, a prescribed medicaton for smoking cessation. Nonetheless, it is an antidepressant. He committed suicide four weeks after he took this drug. Never before his use of Zyban did he express any thoughts or exhibit any suicidal behaviors. I wish you the best in your crusade. Please let me know how I can help. Thank you for your efforts..................................................

I lost my son Danny to suicide and want to do all I can so no other parent will ever have to feel this pain or have the world lose such a valuable person..please stop these drugs..............................................................

I lost my own daughter to the horrors of antidepressants. She was just 12 years old and had never been depressed or suicidal. It's been four years and I still can't believe she is gone........................................................................  MATHY MILLING DOWNING

It is time to stop the over use and over medicating of these products. High doses of Paxil caused my friend to commit suicide. My mother was given several quick changes in meds and without monitoring, except by home care (relatives) whose "Undue Influence" rushed her death.................................................................

I've managed to get through the loss of a brother, Dad,
Mom, and a young husband without medication. ..BUT
after taking Paxil in 2001 I became suicidal and I mean
dreadfully so. I won't go into further detail, but I suffered
a lot from the ordeal..................................................

My daughter also died taken her pills that doctor they her. I support this with my whole heart........................................................................  ANONYMOUS

I lost my twenty-one year old daughter, Elizabeth, to an SSRI antideppressant induced suicide on March 15, 2004. For details visit www.elizabethtorlakson.org or www.jamestorlakson.com (elizabeth button). This proposed legislation will save lives and untold grief.......

Attn: NM Legislature, I support SM9 as Sarina's Voice Memorial Act Psychotropic drugs administered to my beautiful 15 year old daughter Misty Angel Trantham were a direct cause of her death. On August 8th 2006 I found my daughter laying face down, dead on the floor of her bedroom. Having been in some behavioral type trouble at her new school being suspended several occasions and eventually expelled. She was referred by the school to a juvenile judge whom ordered her into a psychiatric treatment facility where she was treated with SSRI drugs. During her intuitional process she was placed in a long term treatment program which lasted a total of approximately 7 months. During those months she gained 40 lbs the smile on her face gradually diminished and she tried to elope several times from this psychiatric facility. After rejecting oral medication offered by staff and making several elopement attempts. The once free spirited, fun loving person with no sick days before these medications. Started changing in many ways becoming confused, disorientated, angry and even showed signs of suicidal indention's. Angel was subjected to injections with the drugs Haldol and Thorazine on several occasions. After growing weary of the injections she finally surcum to taking the oral prescriptions which consisted of Risperdol, Zoloft, Depakote, Zyprexa, Clonodine just to name a few. According to record she was subjected to 18 different medications over 7 months. Diagnosis included Depression and ADHD. There is no doubt in my mind and according to professional reports the SSRI drugs caused her death. These psychotropic medications are dangerous and lethal as was the situation with my Baby Girl. The affects of these drugs are terrible she went from a fun loving, happy, healthy, spontaneous, intelligent, life loving, free spirited child who laughed and smiled all the time. To being labeled as a mentally retarded person whom could not even attend to her basic needs before her death without assistance. Angel endured horrible neurological side effects often called extra pyramidal symptoms and eventually dying from the whole experience. Her side effects consisted of tremors, spasms of the neck muscles, fidgeting, drooling, and muscular stiffness to name a few. Psychiatrists often prescribe another type of drug to counteract the side effects of Haldol and Thorazine in doing so they used the drug Cogentin that produced it’s own side effects in my daughters case. Those side effects consisted of confusion and memory loss, impairment in bladder and bowel function she had to wear adult dippers in the end. The drugs can also impair the body's ability to regulate its own temperature Angel in the last days was less tolerable of the heat. Especially during any type of exercise for even 15 minuets or would become excessively agitated. When she was released I took her to her life long family doctor whom referred her to a psychiatric friend of his. Neither doctors recognized her deteriorating condition as life threatening. In fact her family physician stated in his report she was having a reaction to the medications she was sent home from the psychiatric facility with. The psychiatrist on the other hand whom had seen her just a year prior stated she was having a neurological condition caused by the medications during her stay at the facility. He went on to state that she now resembled and was acting as a mentally retarded person even though his history in the past evaluation of Angel showed her to be of at least average intelligence. As a mother I was begging for help but even the doctors seem to be uneducated as to the serious effects of these drugs. Children are our future and SSRI drugs are dangerous and fatal like as with my daughters situation I'm well aware. She started being treated for ADHD and Depression and ended up losing her life. There should be a protocol that would prevent overlooking the possibility that a patients' agitation and discomfort may be caused by these medications. Better yet these drugs should never be used period they are life changing even if a person survives their use. That day I did not just lose my child I lost my best friend, my hopes, dreams, faith in medical professionals and most importantly a part of myself, my life will never be the same. All her life I protected her from the harmful things of the world including street drugs never knowing prescription drugs that were supposed to help actually would kill her. You can not imagine how it feels for a mother to pick her 15 year old daughter up from the floor dead. Something must be done to protect us, our children and our families from devastation of this nature. My daughter never did anything to harm anyone she would give or do anything she could for anyone and believed in peace. From the day 9-11 happened to her last journal entry months before her death. She mentioned how sad she was for all the people affected including soldiers and their families. We could not pass a fund rasier event or donation station without her giving freely of her own money. She would give you a hug, learn your name and the name of all your children before she left your presence. Love surrounded her in every circle of her life, I assure you the price is to high to accept what is handed out in a little bottle as the cure all. If Angel were with us physically right now she would be smiling with that special twinkle in her eyes. Asking you please don't allow others to be tormented with the fate that SSRI drugs cause.....................

As the mother of a 9-year-old boy who was put on Risperdal for nausea by an inept pediatrician, I saw first-hand the effects of this type of drug.  His nausea got worse, he had to urinate almost constantly, and he was unable to sleep.  Additionally, he became very agitated and upset...after two weeks, I stopped giving him the drug (without the doctor's "permission")!!  My son was found to have multiple FOOD ALLERGIES which were making it difficult for him to digest his food.  After seeing 22 inept doctors over a 2-year period and eating a vastly different DIET, he is a happy and healthy child once again.....................................................................

I went from having no seizures: At the end of seven years of SSRI treatment to having convulsions to the point of near death. During the sixth year I was taking combinations of three anti-epileptic drugs to stop the ever increasing convulsions. I had a doctor tell me that it was the "SSRI drugs making me have the seizure." I'd have never known what was causing me to be so sick with seizure. I also ballooned from 124 to 283 pounds during that seven year period of taking SSRI drugs. My vision was badly altered. By the end of seven years of taking SSRI drugs I was wearing coke-bottle thick glasses. I stopped taking the SSRI drugs in March of 2003.
   I've lost half my body weight. My body regained it's original (normal) metabolic function. My vision has also regained its original 20/20 in one eye and slightly less in the other. I don't have anymore convulsions. Although it has been a slow gradual process with loosing the seizures. My brain still has a tendency to remember the SSRI firing map. Over the years the seizure has  become less and less frequent.  I believe that perhaps sometime during the next five years my brain will totally forget any instruction it received under the SSRI map and completely  be void of any seizure activity. At the time of SSRI drugging I was thirty-six years old. My brain was completely physiologically developed. As I mentioned above, my brain still has moments when it reverts back (remembers) the SSRI firing map. I have seizure activity because of it. With emphasis on the very young taking SSRI drugs. My brain was able to remember its old firing sequence before the SSRI map was introduced. That is because my brain was already fully developed at the onset of SSRI treatment. But say I'd been age five and taken the drugs till age twelve. The probability of my brain being able to regain prior brain function would probably be impossible. This due to the fact that from the age of five to twelve my brain would have "grownup" developed under the direction of the SSRI map. The SSRI map would become the dominant learned behavior of my brain. Without the drug the neurons in my brain would fire haphazardly, not knowing what direction to follow. This would make me an SSRI drug dependent for life.Please take the time to investigate the lethal SSRI............................

This child age 12; Died just 8 weeks after being put on Paxil then Zoloft, of antidepressant-induced suicide. Caitlin was a straight “A” student in 5th grade, a talented musician, artist and poet, who loved animals and wanted to be a veterinarian. Then sixth grade began, and combined with the onset of puberty, this bright, sensitive girl who had once loved going to school, was having trouble coping. She was also having problems sleeping. Her parents wanted to help, so they took her to their family physician who gave her Paxil. She didn’t do well at all on it, so he took her off - cold turkey. When they saw a psychiatrist a week later, he put her on Zoloft. Caitlin hung herself with her shoelaces in the girl’s bathroom at the Middle School she was attending. Her parent's said: "We were told that antidepressants like Paxil and Zoloft were ‘wonder drugs’ and that they were safe and effective for children. We were lied to.".....

Dear Camille,
I am emailing to show my complete support for the comission to investigate the link between anti-depressents and suicide.I myself tried many of the SSRI's when they first became available and suffered various behaviour changes along with many other unpleasant side-effects.When my mother tried to come off seroxat she was unable to function for a year and actually thought she was losing her mind.Whilst sufferering from the effects of withdrawal she said life wasnt worth living.I know of many horror stories associated with these drugs and wholeheartedly support all you are doing to bring these issues into public awareness.Wishing you great success with your endeavour................................
yours sincerely,  ANNEMARIE SEARLE

At 17, our son had trouble sleeping (his apartment was noisy).  After a very short meeting (minutes) with the doctor he was prescribed Zoloft.   For a week or so he was cheerier.  Then problems started.
To make a long story short, he went through a lot of trouble, pain and even overdosed on a full bottle of Zoloft.  He later said he was not trying to commit suicide, but did not really know what caused him to overdose (he was not himself?).   
Fortunately we lucked upon a book about SSRI's bad effects.  We read and researched a lot more on the subject.  Finally, we demanded that the doctors take him off SSRI (they had been switching to other SSRIs and playing around with higher dosages and combinations...incredibly, this increase in SSRI prescription was even after his overdose of SSRI!!! - he had a bad reaction to SSRI and they prescribed more SSRI!!!).  It was a huge battle to get the doctors to agree.  At one point we had to write threatening letters enclosing research, documents, books with earmarks and highlights.
Another lucky thing was that our son's insurance was up for renewal.  We refused to renew, and lo and behold, once the doctors found out that nobody will pay for the doctors' visits, involuntary {parents had no rights to take him out and he was drugged} confinement in the hospital and SSRIs they agreed to let us start reducing the dosage at home. Eventually our son successfully completed his gradual withdrawal from SSRI (withdrawal symptoms were so bad at one point we had to offer him more SSRI next to his bed.  He "toughed it out" and never took more SSRI although his pain was extremely intense.  We kept telling him it will get better soon and that that was the worst point).
Conclusion:  Our son is fine now after many years without SSRIs.  In my over 2,000 hours of reading about SSRIs I have concluded that I agree that not only is SSRI not effective, it CAUSES people to be suicidal / homicidal.  We are very glad that our son survived his ordeal.  We are sorry that you lost Sarina.  We think the drug dealer companies that push SSRIs should be investigated and punished accordingly..........................................................

I have never taken any of these drugs, but I became involved in the effort to reform healthcare after the devastation I experienced in my own family.  We lost our fourteen year old son in the early summer of 2000, and I am convinced his death was brought on by an adverse reaction to Prozac.  I also experienced the dissolution of my twenty year marriage as I stood by helplessly while my ex-husband suffered a nightmarish hell when he attempted to withdraw from Paxil.  During his withdrawal, he became suicidal at times, violent at other times, and he turned his rage on me.   I vividly recall the night I fled our home, frightened that he was going to harm me....  It took him nearly a year to finally free himself from the effects of Paxil.  He is one of the lucky ones who survived.  He filed a lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline and was one of the named plaintiffs in an MDL lawsuit which which finally came to settlement five long years after the lawsuit was initiated. 
(The Baum Hedlund law firm in Los Angeles filed the initial complaint).  Today he is drug free and doing fine, but the damage to our family is irreparable. 
These drugs never “cure” any of the mental illnesses they are prescribed for; at best they only mask symptoms that are a result of underlying problems that often go undiagnosed.  I really believe these drugs should be eventually banned altogether, and a law should be passed which would force the drug companies to set up and fund withdrawal clinics throughout the nation until everyone can be brought safely off of them.  The public is becoming more aware of the fact that they were prevented from giving their informed consent because critical information they should have received was withheld from them. 
I maintain a vast network of people who have been working for healthcare reform – many of those on my list have been harmed by these drugs.  I would be more than happy to provide their names and contact information to you if you wish to interview any of them. 
One more point that I believe is essential to address is this -  until there is a scientifically validated diagnostic test to ascertain that a patient is suffering from a "serotonin imbalance", or any other “chemical imbalance in the brain”, this theory should not be allowed to be marketed to the public as fact. 
This is the lie I was told by our family doctor whom  I had trusted – that a chemical imbalance was the cause of my former husband’s suffering, and that my son, likewise, suffered from a chemical imbalance, and that a little magic pill would correct the “imbalance”. 
I wish I had been smart enough to ask for such a test.  How naïve I was to think my doctor was so experienced as to be able to provide a diagnosis based on a subjective interview - a mere whim.  
I am much wiser now…. but my newfound wisdom came at great personal cost and profound tragedy.
Lehi, UT 
Mother of Kevin Neil Rider
Born:  October 2, 1985  Died:  June 2, 2000
(formerly, Dawn Rider)

My daughter has been labeled, and said to have ADHD and 6 mths later it becomes Bi-Polar, and then back to ADHD. When my daughter went into social services care, it was done with the promise I would not lose her, and always have contact with her when I wanted. Others abuse of my daughter, caused her to behave badly and act out, I tried for almost 2 yrs to help her, I was led to believe it was a mental illness, she was put on Remeron, Effexor XR and still the behaviors continued. No matter what was ordered or what others tried to do nothing seemed to work. When the truth came about in Nov 2004, and IL DCFS was called and the family who was doing the abuse was investigated, it was found that they had given my daughter who at the time of her behaviors was only 12 yrs old (2002), I learned they were giving her drugs, alcohol and possible sexual exploitation on the internet, that is what was in the DCFS report. All of these things would have caused my daughter`s behaviors, I can`t explain why she did it, and the way it has turned out probably never will get the truth out. My daughter has a history of seizures since she was 2 1/2 yrs old, now in state`s care she is labeled like I said before, when she was growing up all she required was a seizure med--in state cares she is put on seroquel, topamax, lithium, and prozac--her seizure disorder isn`t even looked at, they tell me she has only spells, even with YEARS of DOCUMENTATION, its all ignored.
She is now 18, she isn`t allowed still to come home, I have never been told I am guilty of anything. And ontop of all of that, the abuses they said she endured also went away, so the family who did this to my daughter is free. And now she is abused by the agency who told me they were their to protect her and make her better. I can`t fight the system, I haven`t the money, but if others come together, we can get more info on how they do what they do--the current system doesn`t work. I have heard my daughter say she wishes she was dead, I have seen scars on her wrists when she tried to cut them. Its so very hard to live day to day, fighting a fight that seems endless, because nobody will help who can, all of us who ask for others to help can`t be all wrong, I know its the truth I have lived it now since Dec 2002--I think its too late for my daughter but
somebody needs to stop this medicating of our children with medicines that we don`t even know how will effect them in the future, meds not even made for children, I think the recent shootings and the prior school shootings, should say something about all of this. The stories are all over, I recieve many news alerts from all over the USA, the stories that are sent are so bad and so sad. Part of the problem is the money trail, and in psych meds, its a multi billion dollar industry, and much of these meds are given to many foster care children. But its really hard to get the totals, it is all hushed hushed. In fact in all social services business its hushed hushed. The things they do need to be more public, this would greatly help, right now a lot is not reported...........

My son, Matthew died four years ago from suicide while he was on anti-depressant, Zoloft. He was an
university student and a very fine young man.
I totally support your effort towards the
investigation on the link between antidepressant and
suicide. Too many parents are grieving over the death
of their children while they were on antidepressant. I
do not want to see any more mother going through the agony of losing a chile like me.
Thank you for your dedication and great effort towards this IMPORTANT issue. You may be saving thousands of lives. God bless you..................


I know first hand of the danger of anti-depressant medication.  The following is a journal entry that I wrote on January 7, 2004. 
On Sunday night I thought I was losing my mind. I thought, this is what people mean when they say they are having a break down. Of course, I wasn't losing my mind, but that episode led me to do some extensive research involving many medical journals and medical websites. Thank God I did.
I have determined, from what I have read (which were very reliable resources), that I am suffering from Serotonin Syndrome. It is a very rare condition, but real nonetheless.
Apparently, there are certain drugs that should not be mixed together, for risk of toxic interactions. As I said, this is a rare condition; only 2% of the population has been documented to have suffered from this. Of course, as we all know, many people don't go to the doctor to get diagnosed anyway, so the number could be higher. I'm not mad at my doctor...he just didn't know. But all 3 of my antidepressants have the potential to contraindicate each other, leading to a toxic level of serotonin in the brain.
I've know for over 2 months now that something wasn't right. I just wasn't getting any better. In fact, as each new med was added and dosages were increased, I became even MORE depressed. This of course, is one of the symptoms of SS. There are many symptoms, and not everyone experiences all the symptoms of course. The symptoms that I am experiencing are: severe headaches, severe mood swings (similar to bipolar), high blood pressure, increased bruising, muscle rigidity (which helps to explain all the pain I've been in lately), weak ankles, feeling "spaced-out", body aches, flu-like symptoms, confusion, gastrointestinal problems, etc. I know I'm leaving something out...I just can't remember everything right now.
One of the biggest symptoms that I had (which led me to believe something was wrong), was the severity of insomnia that I have had in the past few weeks. First of all, please don't think I have relapsed back into my drug habit, because I have not, but even after taking countless sleeping aids, muscle relaxers, etc. I still could not fall asleep. I wouldn't even get drowsy! This happened overnight. If you remember from a previous entry, one muscle relaxer would knock me out within 5 minutes of ingesting it.
Monday was the first day without Paxil and Buspar. I'm remaining on Wellbutrin until I see my psychiatrist on the 31st and discuss this with her. Tuesday night I slept like a log. Coincidence? I think not. Once the drugs began to leave my system, my sleep patterns are slowly trying to restore themselves. So today is day 3. According to all of the literature that I've read, today should be the worst day. I've already become a real bitch to be around. The mood swings are normal, however, and my family is being very supportive of me right now. The headaches are a bitch. My entire head, face, and neck throb in pain. The body aches are bad too. Earlier this afternoon, it hurt so bad that I couldn't even roll over on the bed. I had to lie perfectly still. They say the first week is the worst for withdrawal symptoms. Then, it usually takes about 5 weeks for the drugs to be fully out of your symptom.
I'm so relieved to finally know what was/is wrong with me. This week has already been hard on me and I expect it to get worse before it gets better, but I'm taking it in stride. I must do this to get better. So I'm dealing with it with a surprisingly good attitude. I'm thankful I'm not in the 18% of patients who fall unconscious, slip into a coma and die. 82% of the patients fully recover. I'm awake, so I believe I will be just fine. :-)
Please keep me in your prayers, however. Prayers always help! In many ways, this is like detox all over again, except this time I am purging my body of "legal, prescribed" drugs. Since I went through something similar to this about 3 months ago, I am more prepared for it. That helps a lot.
When my sister was 17 years old, she sought treatment for her depression and was immediately (on the FIRST visit) diagnosed with the following:  She has bipolar disorder with mixed episodes, borderline personality disorder, bulimia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They put her on some new meds (if I remember correctly they included, Prozac, Effexor XR, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Klonopin, and Lithium).  ALL at one time!!!  My sister began to exhibit the following symptoms:  "medicines that made her worse and behave very violently, her total lack of respect for her body, her family, God, you name it. She inflicts pain on herself. Because she thinks she deserves it. My parents were at the end of their ropes. Our entire family and doctor have told her that she needs to check herself into a hospital. She refused, threatened our lives and her own, etc. My dad thought he was going to have a heart attack because she has been so violent. My mom couldn't even go in to work today because she couldn't stop crying. She said, she felt like if things didn't change that she was going to have a breakdown. I drove to my sister's place of employment and convinced her to take a leave her absence and get treatment. She finally agreed."
I finally got my sister to see a new psychiatrist who immediately took her off of the majority of her medications.  Now, 4 years later, the only thing she has to take occasionally is Klonopin for her anxiety attacks.
I hope that by revealing my personal experiences with the dangers of antidepressants that something will be done about the frequency in which they are prescribed.  Every time you go to the doctor with some complaint, he hands you a prescription for an antidepressant!  I think the doctors are getting kick backs from the drug companies for the number of prescriptions they write.  Surely all doctors don't think an antidepressant is going to treat every single thing you complain of.........................................

I am so sorry for your loss. I am the lucky one I survived these horrible drugs or I should say I am surviving. It has been over a year since I quit them and I am still trying to get my life back; still can't cry.......................

Celexa made me permanently impotent. I feel like killing myself. Ban these poisons before they ruin more lives!!!........

My sister has gone through a living hell until reading an article on the dangers of SSRI drugs. Her behavior was bizzare and dangerous not only to herself but to her daughter. She is in the painful process of recovery and is challenged with rebuilding her credibility and repairing her damaged body......

I lost my 12 year old daughter Kayla January 23,2005
from an apparent heart attack possibly caused by
Risperdal and Zoloft. I have fought so hard to find some
justice for Kayla and I am still fighting to find an  attorney who will take her case and not just look at it
for a couple of months and then drop it. My heart goes
out to you and your family. May Angels always be with

I am a survivor of "Soviet-style Psychiatric Terrorism" or "Trauma-Based Mind control, "Suicidal Ideology", "Suicidal Programming".  Since I am neither mentally ill or ever tried to commit suicide.  I feel that the corrupt and psychopath psychiatrists have known the truth for years.  I say this because what has been put in the defrauded records.  One psych nurse stated on the radio that they had knowingly lied about the evil killer psychiatric drugs for years.  Every 3 - 4 years there would be some type of excuse made as to why those involved in the conspiracy had to kidnap, take me hostage, for more mind control.  It takes place over Birthdays, Holidays, the same month same day different year is used, and so has the number 13 been involved in some way. 

I know there has to be some definite connection because they are continually demanding to be able to drug me up.  These people keep demanding that I tried to, wanted to, or need to kill myself.  At many levels of the state of Illinois and etc. the violence, homicidal activity, and illegal forced drugging is covered up. We do not get any honest investigations.  They refuse to prosecute these cold-blooded killers.
They feel they can apply false labels, brainwashing that we should have EEG's and allow ourselves to be drugged so we can get back with abusive family members.
Much of psychiatry is pure insanity and criminal activity.  There is not any help or support in these hellholes.  It is cruel, inhumane, degrading, treatment and punishment and forms of torture.  They call false emergencies so they can use Mob Action, Mob Mentality, Mob Rules, Kangaroo Court, and act as Judge, Jury, and Executioner.  There is nothing healthy involving what takes place in these hellholes.  They feel they can rip off insurance companies, government which is the taxpayers, and the hostage for thousands and thousands of dollars for their own insanity and a pack of lies, false petitions, defrauded records.  They demand they are above the law and can do whatever they want.  The lady at the Illinois Attorney General's Office told me that these people cannot be prosecuted.  The Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulations refuse to do anything with these sick, twisted, and perverted bald-faced liars.  The lunatics are attending the asylum.  It does go under "Unspeakable Crimes Against Humanity"
Corrupt psychiatrists feel they can cater to abusers.  They feel they can tell us that the abusers can do whatever they want to us and there is nothing that we can do about it.  Mommie Dearest was named my "Checkmate".  What goes on in these hellholes is exactly what takes place outside of them.  They push the hostages to the edge and demand that they go over.  It is nothing but pure insanity and they refuse to stop when told to stop.  Not only are they into violence but they also promote violence.  Fear, terror, and violence
They have no qualms about ruining one's life or everything that he/she ever worked for.  "Divide & Conquer", and if one has any support they feel they can run them out and demand complete control. 
High Extortion- when they create problems and then demand to be able to get paid for the so-called solution.  When in truth it is "Enterprise Corruption" and "Racketeering".  They do not have any solution for any of society's problems because they are trouble makers.   I know that not all psychiatrists are corrupt and rotten to the core.  Actually they have their mind rape, mind altering, and potent drugs they claim keep the brainwashing together.  Actually the potent  drugs will make one walk the floor, climb the walls, and then collapse and then start all over again and again.  Actually when they take their delusional and psychotic hands off they have shattered our lives and demand that we be at rock bottom.  It is important for them that we do not make it.
"Serial Killers" demand to be able to separate themselves from their crimes. What they illegally demand is that their thoughts be our thoughts.  That we think the way that they demand us to think so they can separate themselves from their homicidal activity.  They refuse to take responsibility for their own criminal and illegal activities.
They illegally demand that we are going to tell things differently than what they happened in reality.  Then they falsely claim that we need "Continued Reality Testing".  Much of psychiatry is a con game, mad doctoring, sham, wicked witchcraft, pseudo science, etc.  Much of it is about "Bedlam", money, power, greed, control, Religion, perks, and kickbacks.  Everyone is ok but the victim/target/"Victim of Violent Crime".
In my case around $8900 (insurance), over $50,000 (insurance), then $3740 and they were demanding to be able to go $374 for 90 more days.  They thought that I had insurance the last time and I refused to pay the bill.  The corrupt and those involved in conspiracy feel they can take criminal activity and make it into a fake illness.
They feel they can demand that we look at them as heroes instead of the cold-blooded killers they are.  No matter how hard we work on issues in presenting our case the state feels they can lie and over up the homicidal activity.  I could not find a lawyer to take my case and I do not have a lot of money.  Many people will laugh in your face including psychiatrists who are narcissistic.  One does not know if he/she is living in Nazi Germany, Red Russia, or Communist China because it is that insane and deadly.  If one tries to make a move for help or support they will drug the hostage up and knock them out with potent drugs.  I call the beds "Death Beds".
The last time I even had an asthma attack and they would not allow me to have any medication.  Then I had a horrible headache the next day from all the stress and insanity.  They are so delusional, psychotic, and have "Delusional Type Persecutory Disorder". One is never well enough, honest enough, or good enough.  There is always some BS reason why they will not take their delusional, psychotic, and paranoid hands off us.  The long stays are not because one has any illness, but it is all about brainwashing.  They always act like they are the victim always blaming everything on the hostage when they are the troublemakers.  "Hit & Run" 
Whatever does not fit their concocted story they feel they can throw out.  I have lived under security since March 1989 and they feel they can throw out the alarm readout and change the time that I got home on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2001, the night someone allegedly came into my alarmed home and poked holes in my gas stove connector.  The predators feel they can give us information and then kidnap, hold hostage, demand that they be able to force feed the evil killer psychiatric drugs, and then demand false confessions.  They feel they can constantly demonize us and have us put under constant pressure hoping that we crack up.  When one sees the defrauded records it either appears that they have voices in their heads, or answer their own questions.  The corrupt feel they can tell us that we have to keep these fraudulent records our real history.
I have been seeing a nurse practitioner that feels she can defraud records and seek revenge.  She talked me into a pelvic exam some time back and it was more like torture.  I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I cannot anymore.  She has been defrauding records and I am demanding a different doctor.  She was told that any so-called mental health records with my name on them cannot be used in any way, shape, or form.  She started getting hyper, etc.  I checked out what she was charting about me and sure enough she is rotten to the core.  She even said that I send my delusions to the governor and she does not even know what all I sent.
Besides Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been under fire by the feds for sometime now.
Many of us know the truth about the evil killer drugs.  One survivor who helped save my life died of cancer.  At one time the drugs burnt her body from inside out.  It is more important to save the child molesters, rapists, criminals, corrupt official, corrupt lawyers, so-called ministers, etc. but destroy and kill the victims/targets/"Vicitms of Violent Crime".  It does not take a skyrocket scientist or criminologist in which to put the puzzle pieces together and connect the dots.
We certainly are a nation that tortures. 
I wish you well because many of us have been crying, begging, pleading, and demanding help and no one wants to aid us..................................................

I was one of the ever growing population of teenagers on a mix of anti-depressants a few years ago. I was prescribed Zoloft, Remeron, Welbutrin, and Celexa. I remember there were times I woke up in the kitchen with butcher knives and times I started self mutilating and starving myself. I never did any if those things before I took anti-depressants. Every time I went back and said it was not working, or it was making me feel worse - another prescription was added! I took it upon myself to stop taking the medication and after my period of withdrawal, I've lived a healthier, happier, and safer life. I felt worse the year that I took the medication than I ever have in my life. That was seven years ago, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

My husband of 41 years also comitted suicide on March 11, 2004 Not only children are at risk, and no one will listen to me..................................................

My daughter Sheryl was prescribed Cipramil on Friday May 18th 2001 because she was having a 'down day', in the early hours of Monday 21st May 2001 she was admitted to the ICU, on Thursday 24th May 2001 at 4.58pm she died, age 28. In the space of 6 days my daughters life was ended and the life of each family member changed forever!.............

Dear Ms. Milke,
I believe we spoke briefly in late 2007 and I asked you to write down the details of the case you were calling about.  I have since received a copy of the summary of what occurred with your daughter and it is, to say the least, tragic.  Tragic, but so typical of psychiatry and their "miracle" drugs.
I am impressed with your desires to expose what psychiatry really is.  I am wondering: have you considered pursuing a lawsuit?  I am particularly curious about the ethicality of your daughter's therapist having her mother (the nurse practitioner) prescribe psych drugs.
Please contact me with your thoughts about this.
Director of Litigation & Prosecution
Citizens Commission on Human Rights

I just recently lost a friend to suicide (he was only 20). He was on antidepressants and I am very positive it was the pills that had such an effect on him. My friends and I did not see it coming and I am saddened by such a tragedy. I worked at a health clinic a few years ago and pharm. reps would come almost daily and supply us with breakfast and lunch; my point is that many physicians and clinics are sponsored by pharm. companies and therefore must prescribe their medications. As a psychology major, I read studies on the efficacy of antidepressants. Many of these studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, so therefore a strong bias is present!! For anyone out there who suffers from suicide or knows someone who does, please consider the behavior therapies available to treat depression. I strongly suggest seeing a private-practice psychologist who is specialized in behavioral modification for depression. It may be more expensive but in the end it is worth it. If more and more people stop using antidepressants and drugs in general to cure their ailments, especially if they can be cured naturally, then private-practice psychologists will be in a higher demand, which would bring down prices.
You do not have to post this on your website and I am sure you know most of this information. I figured it would help to have some insider information from someone who worked at a medical facility and saw the impact drug companies had on our facility. I understand there are many diseases in which drug therapy is great for, but too many good-hearted people are losing their lives to antidepressants!!.........

I personally suffered from severe withdrawal effects from these drugs for a long time. I felt suicidal despair on many occasions. I feel very sorry for you, Camille. Your daughter was not able to make it and live on. It is not fair that her own doctor, a person she should have been able to trust, did this to her. Please rein in prescription of these drugs. They are mind killers!.....................

I was on Prozac for a while and in 2004 attempted suicide. I already had suicidal thoughts but the Prozac took away the inhibition to do it, and I did it. I truly believe the Prozac may have been responsible. I am not on anti-depressants any longer and I have the normal "fear" not to even attempt suicide. I have learned behavioral teckniques to work through the depression stages and have never had to go back on drugs again. We want new drugs for depression, w/out the horrendous side effects!! Doctors, listen up. Don't just prescribe anti-depressants to anyone. Get them to a shrink so he can decide what is right for them. Shrinks, listen up, get them to a pscologist so they can teach them life changes, and behavior modifications. They may not even need drugs at all!! This is a cry for help, listen to us.............

Dear Sir, i hate all of these drug and from what my youngiset child had gone threw. Ii was very hard for my family and we had to put in the hospital, because he had thoughts of setting himself on fire and no one would listen to us. so that's why we put him the hospital and the doctor took him off of everything and he was on paxil. At the time we put him the hospital and it broke our hearts to leave him behind. He won't take anything for his anxiety and we will not put him any more of these stupid drugs and I do think that all of these drugs should be taking off the market . i'm so sorry to hear about your lost of your daughter...................Sincerely ELEANOR BALENTINE

My daughter Sheryl died 24th May 2001 within a week of being prescribed the SSRI Cipramil (those outside the UK will know this as Citalapram or Celexa) so I wholeheartedly sign this petition.....................MRS. CLAUDETTE JONES

This issue has touched my life, as well. I could not believe the resistance I got from so-called mental health professionals. They were quick to prescribe drugs to a family member without so much as a blood work up to see if there were a physical cause for the outward mental issues. This family member, as it turns out, has a thyroid condition. She never had suicide tendencies before taking the drug, and now has made an atttempt...........................................

My son and I were victims of this evil and both of us became suicidal from these drugs. We survived, but our lives were hugely harmed by evil psychiatry with the fraudulent stigmas and toxic drugs since they are in bed with Big Pharma and are psychopaths themselves like the original nazi doctors....

I lost my 21 year old Elizabeth via SSRI suicide also. My heart goes out to you. See: www.elizabethtorlakson.org and www.jamestorlakson.com The images and writing at my website are free for the taking. Email requests for larger jpegs. Blessing, James (Elizabeth's father)......................

My son also died from the effects of anti-depressants given out by doctors like they were bandaides on a scratch...........

I am glad you are doing this, my daughter was on Paxil for quite some time and I also had issues with her and suicidal thoughts and this was with a medication that was supposed to bring her out of depression. Doctors need to be more intuned to their patients and not so quick to just prescribe medicine as a fix all........................DEANNA COUTURE

Dear Camille, I want to give you my deepest sympathy. I don't know how it feel to lose a child to such a tragic needless death. I lost a best friend 3 years ago to suicide. She was taking anti-depressants. My heart goes out to you and your family and friends,..............

I lost my husband because of antidepressants............
..................................................JACKIE MCFALL

I, too lost an angel, my son AARON to anti-depressant induced suicide at age 23. It's been 4 years this November 14th but I miss him more each day. This is an epidemic and MUST BE STOPPED!.......................

My 25 year old son ended his life 4 years ago under the influence of psychiatric drugs........................

My sister lost her best friend to suicide when she was just in 7th grade, he was only a year older than her but had skipped a grade to high school during which time he was sent to a place to deal with depression, this was before all the reports on these anti-depressants that caused suicidal thoughts came out, so I wonder if this might have been a factor in his death. I know for sure they had him on medication at that point, and he had started doing well at the time. Then all of a sudden he was gone. I remember the heartache I saw my sister go through and the effect it had on our family so I can only imagine his family. I think the subject is something still avoided as a topic within our society because its so grim but its even more grim to imagine that some suicides could so easily be avoided..........................................................

I, too, lost my brother and sister-in-law to suicide. I believe that the anti-depressants have cause to this tradegy. My condolences to you and your family..............................

I just visited your site. I want to tell you how terribly sorry I am and plesase know that I truly understand your sorrow and pain. I know it quite intimately because my only son, Joseph, completed suicide on May 9, 2005 at the age of 23 years old.
I know that saying that has said it all. That being said there is really no more I need say. I know that you completely understand.
My son was on about 4 to 5 different medications at the time of his sucicide. Joseph suffered from mental illness and was given many different diagnosis through the 8 years when his illness first appeared. My son also suffered from clinical depression.
I am attaching the address for his web site. Joe's sister Linnie created it for him as well as for us. Linnie and I miss him more then words could ever explain.
Could you link Joseph's site to your site so others will know that he was here and he mattered and that I, his mom join you in your fight a fight in memory of our dear children and a fight to stop the use of these awful medications.Thank you,

I hold this very close to my heart as I to lost someone close to me due to the same thing!....................................

I lost my oldest son to suicide. He was on medication for depression. I guess it didn't work!..........................

My niece died several years ago from the same drugs and now my doctor wants my son to use them...................

I lost my 19 yr old son to suicide nov 6,2000. he was on the mind altering drug PAXIL. i will never forget what that drug did to him..........................................................

I also lost my sister to "medication".  I fully encourage your fight to end careless prescriptions by people who cannot really help. My sister had a beautiful smile just like Sarina , I wish I could see it in truth again.
Anything you need to push forward with your fight against the pharmaceuitical industry, please let me know. I am glad to see someone else is taking action with love and sympathy............................................................................

Will you send me  the link. I really agree with you guys, i used to  be on them awhile ago and my feelings of suicide were greater than they were prior. I hope and pray that you will make a difference in someones life through this. " Let your daughter's VOICE be heard   ""  God  Bless "     Sincerely, Life is Precious ANONYMOUS

I was given valium, librium and attivan 41 years ago to alleviate post natal depression. I tried to kill myself with 40 libriums - though it was partially a cry for help. I was stuck in the cancer ward and told to be a good girl. As a result my son ended up with permanent depression as my depression was never cured or helped in any way. There are many, many natural nutrients and herbs now available that are far more effective with no side effects!..........................................................................

We know a young man who just recently who started anti-depressants and within just 2 weeks he has drawn a picture of himself with a gun to his head................................................

camille i am very sorry for your loss. My name is andrea romero and i know first hand what these medications can do before they dianosed me bi-polar they experamented on me with several different anti-depressants it sent me into a severe manic episode i tried to jump off the roof. My 5 year old daughter Brittany grabbed my hand and said you jump i jump. Dr.s are so quick to write perscriptions or whare house you in a mental hospital for the insurance money.Its time someone stood up to be counted. I wish you all the best . with love and support Andrea...................................................................

We lost our 18 year old daughter Sharise Gatchell whilst she was taking Seroxat/Paxil... www.sharisegatchell.com I wholeheartedly support this campaign! Let's bring an end to this insane lie!.............................................................

SSRIs and SNRIs cause severe disinhibition, so besides suicide, the repulsively obnoxious behavior, which is ALWAYS out of character, along with all the adverse physical side effects, is a sentence no human should be forced to serve, no matter how much money is generated by the manufacture of these medications, my suicide was unsuccessful, but the agonizing existence I am left with and forced to endure every single day is perhaps worse, thanks to antidepressants................................

I, too, tried to kill myself numerous times due to antidepressants and other psych drugs. At the time, I was never told that it was due to the psych drugs. I know this doesn't happen to everyone. This aside, the prescribing of them is like playing russian roulette...you don't know if you will or will not become suicidal as a result of them. To me, it is no different than if a doctor hands you a gun with one bullet in the chamber and asks you to fire the gun. There is no difference here at all...

Time to end this insanity. I was treated exactly as your daughter was, resulting in numerous suicide attempts and hospitalizations. Finally, able to get off; long arduous process that nearly killed me again. Free at last...................................

Peace to you and your family . That's all I can say. My sister , Holly , killed herself and her 13 month old baby by jumping off a bridge January 15, 2001. I am certain she was overprescribed a combination of medications. She heard voices and thought people were chasing her. I was not close by to know all of this until it was over. I, too , was prescried effexor, took ONE dose and knew this was evil. I am appalled that this is prescribed (with others!!!) so easily and without any explanation. 
I SO SUPPORT THIS CAUSE AND HAVE BEEN RESEARHING THESE MEDS FOR YEARS! (i suffer from clinical depression and REFUSE to take these). 
My sympathies to you, and your family. Peace,

Lost my 16 yr old son on 07/30/07 after only 43 days of being on Prozac. We were never told of the Black Box Warning by anyone in the Medical Community until after my son was gone. My son paid for this oversight with his life...............................

I too was a victim of antidepressants. I was originally placed on tricyclic antidepressants while my husband was terminally ill to keep up my appetite, but my mood seemed to get worse. When I switched to SSRIs, I rapidly became suicidal and hostile and started having "panic attacks". The doctors said it had "triggered hidden bipolar disorder" and spent the next ten years trying to fix the problem with more and more drugs. After a second suicide attempt and many many health problems, the doctors finally decided it was the antidepressants making me worse. We discontinued all medication over a three month period. I suffered horrific withdrawal, (nausea, vomiting, muscle contractions, electric-like shocks, violent mood swings) and was forced to resign from my job. I have been free from all those drugs since March 2006. I have lost 75 of the 100 pounds the drugs caused me to gain; my blood sugar and blood pressure have returned to normal. The peptic ulcer is gone. I am off the oxygen I was on. And my cognitive abilities have improved. I will never get those ten years back, but at least I have my life, unlike so many others that have fallen victim to these horrible drugs. Please, please take these drugs off the market and end the madness. Literally............................................................

Last year I was prescribed Lexapro, a newer antidepressant after telling a Nurse Practitioner I was dealing with a lot of stress. I never gave her any indication that I was clinically depressed because I was not. Within five minutes, I had a handful of samples of the Lexapro. I decided to take them and within a week, I was feeling emotionally numb, could not concentrate on school work, and eventually was overcome with such a rage that I almost attacked my husband with a fork, of all things! This rage is so indescribable. Thankfully, I still had enough wits about me to realize that it was the Lexapro. I weaned down and experienced extreme pain in the back of my head. Other side effects included vivid nightmares and jerking of my body. I realized I was experiencing what is called akathasia. It is an inner restlessnes that develops from taking the drugs and can get so extreme, it causes homicidal and suicidal tendencies. I am 60 years old and ironically I was studying to complete my degree in Psychology when I tool the Lexapro. I would not take these drugs again and certainly not give them to my children after what I experienced. I am fine now without the need for these dangerous drugs. I have never had that rage again since quitting the Lexapro. These drugs have caused many deaths by suicide and homicide. I am greatful I survived without hurting myself or others. Please, pass the Bill that will become Sarina's Law. Enough children have died.....................

My 37 year old husband took his own life 5 weeks after being given Zoloft from his GP for insomnia. No history of depression or mental illness. Strongly support your petition. Thank you!!! Kim Witczak www.woodymatters.com Using Woody's life and death to save others. Be smart. Be informed.........................

The very first time I took Zoloft while in Cape Town South Africa I litterally felt like I had taken Ecstacy. My skin felt good to touch I couldn't stop smiling and my eyes were very dialated. I expressed to my aunt and uncle how much I like the stuff and they said "see as long as its prescribed by the doctors its ok to take when its bad is when you take things illegally." When I went back to the states I was so brain washed to believe that everyone that I knew who took drugs had to be on anti depressants. It was the cure and I was going to tell them about it. Just before I came to the states I looked in my Aunts email which she had left open and read a very lengthy letter that my Aunt had writen to the Psychiatrist that I was going to while out there. In the letter they listed all of the problems that I had and try to say were they stemed from. According to them I had Bi-Polar disorder, ADHD, Manic Depression severe Anxiety and some of the most off the wall dreams they had ever heard of among other things. After reading this I thought to myself and said "I never knew that I had this many problems overall my life has been pretty happy up until now but now its like all I am focused on is getting over all of these problems. I was constantly focused on the problems, thats all my life was anymore. It really changed me from the inside out because I believed everything they said and told me at the time. After being on the Zoloft for about 7-8 months and being back in the states now it wasn't working as well as it use to. I couldn't laugh even if I tried and im not joking imagine not being able to laugh at something it felt like it was to hard to get the laugh out. On top of that I coudn't cry and believe me I tried and wanted to so bad but I couldn't and I would only speak a few words throughout the entire day I was the best definition of a Zomby that there was I think.I made up my mind that I was much happier before I ever started taking Zoloft and I was go ing to stop taking it. Just before that I told myself that I wold find a cure for my depression within 6 months by reading and education myself on the subject as much as possible. If I couldn't find happiness again I would take my life because better to be dead than to feel the way I felt day in and day out every pain staking second of it was tearing me apart. Shortly after making this decision I quit taking Zoloft cold turkey and later my doctor told me that I was lucky to be alive quiting cold turkey with the dose I was on it could have literally killed me and felt like it was. For 2 weeks striaght I cried non stop in my room. I cried so much that when I woke from what little sleep I got I would be crying before I was even aware of being concious. Its like all of my emotions were held up in a dam and relaased when I stopped taking the drug. It took months before I started to feel even remotely normal those months felt like years. I remember telling my dad to hold my shoulders and look me in the eyes everyday and tell me that one day I would feel normal again. I just needed to hear it from someone that did feel normal because I was in such a hole that I couldn't see the light of day even for a second or two. Quiting Zoloft as abruptly as I did was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Our doctors are making people such as my uncle and aunt believe that they will have to be on anti depressants the rest of their life and he has been takin prozac for over 15 years now believing this. We have lived all up until the last 30 years or so of human existance without taking antidepressants and now all of the sudden we need them. In my opinion anti depressants are a slightly different form of ecstacy it is a man made designer drug that is very powerful. I ended up finding a cure for my depression it consisted of three things Quting anti depressants, my faith in Christ and Essential Fatty Acids or Fish Oil. During my endevours to find a cure I found somthing that truely worked as far as a supplement goes. The problem with anti depressants is this. They either effect your Dopamine or Seratonin one or the other not both. When your Dopamine goes up chemically with an antidepressant your Sartonin goes down creating an imbalance. Conversley when your Seratonin goes up your Dopamine goes down. Lets abolish these durgs for good and promote things like Essential Fatty Acids that really help the problem with no side effects...

I experienced suicidal thoughts while on different psychiatric drugs and while being taken off that I at the time attributed to the drugs.   I spent two years back in the 1970s weaning myself off a drug named Sineguan where it was obvious to me that the suicidal thoughts were part of the emotional ups and downs that went with the drug.   I was told to take it at supper time so that side effects of drowsiness and difficulty focusing on work would occur at night while I was asleep.   I would start experiencing withdrawal problems of intense restlessness and nervousness at about three o'clock the next afternoon.    Those settled down after taking the drug at about 5 p.m.
Increasing the Sinequan so I did not have the withdrawal problems caused me to have difficulty waking up in the morning.   I had to get the kids to school so I would when the alarm went off immediately stand up.    I used to go back to sleep standing up and fall I was so drowsy. 
My family settled in Las Vegas New Mexico in the 1800s around the time the Santa Fe railroad arrived.    I was born and grew up in Las Vegas, New Mexico in the 1940s and 50s.  

My childhood was full of a lot of psychological talk and I think everybody but me knew that all this was connected to the fact that about 15 years before I was born some folks in my family had problems with mental illness.    We lived across the street from New Mexico Highlands University and took in a student as a border who studied psychology.    She never came up with any opinions to the effect that I or anybody in my family had problems.  But her presence was a part of the talking about psychology atmosphere of my childhood.
My Mom tended to have opinions that there was something wrong with me.   On the other hand she taught me to deem as nonsense other opinions that were in the air about us in Las Vegas.   It was some of those opinions that got me sent to a psychiatrist when I was 20 years old.   He deemed them to be nonsense and whenever I brought them up would say, "Mental illness does not run in families and you probably have no more problems than the average person."    A year later I was living in Albuquerque and a therapist I saw with the Catholic Charities said the same thing.
I went from Albuquerque to take a job as a Chemist with the Food and Drug Administration in Washington DC where I started seeing a psychiatrist by the name of Roger Peele who said the same thing.   If you look in the front of your copy of the diagnosis manual of mental illness you will find his name listed on the committee that puts it out.   I have his email address and he says he thinks my problem at the time I knew him 45 years ago was social anxiety.    He has said that in several emails.
In Las Vegas when I was 20 years old, I got put on a drug called Meprobamate and kept on it a year.   I was suddenly taken off and experienced severe withdrawal problems.   They settled down after a while but for several years afterward any kind of excitement caused me to have trouble sleeping and be uncomfortably nervous.   Dr Peele and the therapist before him in Albuquerque seemed to not grasp that I was suffering in that way.
That I think is an example of how judging how someone is doing is a subjective thing.   I have a video of myself one Christmas when I was real upset where I seem real relaxed and full of big smiles and such as that.   On the same tape is a video of the following Easter when I was feeling much better where I am trembling and nervous.    The trembling by the way is part of the parkinsonism that goes with antipsychiotic drugs.
I was on psychiatric drugs for over 30 years and have been off them for 15.   Since getting off I have felt up to doing more.   I was a stay at home Mom for years.    Since getting off I have gotten involved in the community in volunteer work and as an officer in volunteer organizations.   I feel up to working part time because I am no longer afraid of people finding out about  the withdrawal problems I used to get if I forgot to take my medicines.  
I had to go off gradually by small increments.   A reason for not recommending the drugs is they trap a person in mental health care with folks who then do not feel they have to please you to get you to do business with them.   They know you have to see them to get your prescriptions.     They get sloppy with the truth about cooking up opinions about you that you don't like to justify keeping you in treatment.  Dependence on their drugs is not on the list of problems your health insurance covers.
It makes you want to quit your drugs and if you go off them suicide seems like a way out of your misery when you are experiencing the withdrawal problems................................

On November 28, 2004, I and my family lost our precious brother and son to suicide.  He was our Golden-hair boy:  not our black sheep.  He was drug and alcohol free.  He had never before had any bouts of depression or mental illness.  During Labor Day of 2004, my brother, Matt, fell into a deep and isolated depression as a result of the ending of a long-term relationship.  He was placed on the antidepressant, Lexapro, along with Xanax to help him sleep.  After three months of trying various antidepressants and "cocktails" of other pharmaceutical drugs, he self-admitted to a well known hospital, The Meadows of Wickenburg, AZ, to detox off of everything. Little did we know he was heavily ideating about suicide and had been so since starting the antidepressants in September.  After telling staff for four days that he "couldn't stop thinking about hanging himself," they failed to protect him.  No one removed his belt.  No one locked him down.  Early on that morning of November 28th, staff found my beautiful and precious brother hanging from a tree on an adjacent horse farm.  From this tragedy, I have established a non-profit organization called Break the Silence.  My website is:  www.break-the-silence.org
I FIRMLY believe that my brother's suicidal ideations began with his consumption of these antidepressants.  NEVER before had he ever thought of suicide or expressed any desire to die.  In fact, my brother loved life....................................

My name is Jay Baadsgaard. My son Corey experienced the bad side of abrupt Paxil withdrawal and a high dose of Effexor. He was fortunate to not take his own life, but his life will never be the same because of these two drugs, Paxil and Effexor.
Corey was found in diminished capacity because of the abrupt discontinuation of Paxil and a significant dose of Effexor wrongly prescribed for situational depression. The Forensic Psychiatrist findings are important because Corey had been arrested for taking a rifle into his high school English class and holding the class hostage for a few minutes.  Corey gave up the rifle to the Principal and then was arrested. Corey spent 14 months in a Juvenile Detention Center waiting for the report. Corey was able to reach a plea agreement which included time served and probation. Corey still has no memory of that day. Amnesia is listed as a frequent side effect of Effexor. Corey also experienced hallucinations while on Paxil and Effexor. He was afraid to tell us because he was only 16 at the time and had never had hallucinations before and did not know what was happening to him.
Corey has testified before the FDA in February 2004. He also has been interviewed many times. Corey's voice is the first you will hear in this video. The Drugging of Our Children. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3609599239524875493 ................................................

I lost my husband of almost 30 years to Paxil almost five years ago. I know your pain..............................................

I have been trying to get off these pill for a year now and I am still trying. the side effects of coming off these pills are sleepless nights, headacks, and memory loss. I have been experiencing these withdraw symptoms for months now. Thanks to these dum pill. No one told me how hard it would be to come off these pills.................................................

Here is a summary of my son's demise:
Aaron began on antidepressants at age 15 under the "care" of a pediatric psychiatrist.  It's been so long ago, I can't remember the first SSRI he received.  Over the course of ten (10) years and approximately four (4) different psychiatrists, none of whom had the time to "TALK" to my son, they would only see him for about ten (10) minutes and hand him another prescription.
Here is a list of antidepressants that I KNOW Aaron was on at one time or another from age fifteen (15) until his death at the age of twenty-five (25).  There are also some meds I didn't know the name of, I just know that he carried a backpack at one point, full of medications....HOW SAD IS THAT!
Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Luvox, Buspar, Serzone, Remeron (I think).
He was also diagnosed with OCD at some point and put on RITALIN.  the last SSRI he was on EFFEXOR, the supposed "miracle" drug put him in the hospital for two (2) weeks with:
This was my formerly HEALTHY young son.  My son was quite an intelligent and talented young man, he graduated from Youth Performing Arts School, a musician, he played the piano, guitar, and saxophone.  He wrote and sang beautiful music.  He attended Bellarmine College (now University) and graduated in 2000 with a BA degree; all the while working two (2) part-time jobs and playing music.   Over the years I saw his demeanor go on a roller coaster ride depending on the doctor's antidepressant of choice.  Aaron told me finally that these medicines were destroying his brain (how strangely accurate was this).  During about the last three (3) years of his life, he suffered several episodes where he would get totally off the meds and he even admitted himself to the psych ward of a local hospital at one point, he was there for a week
(being treated with what else, more SSRI's).  He went through an episode of "anorexia" , quit eating and lost 60 lbs in two (2) months.
The final straw was the Effexor episode, when he came out of the hospital and told me he wa not going to take another anti-depressant.
Unfortunately I did not find out until after his death that going cold turkey off of these POISONS will throw your brain into shock.
Aaron had been off of EFFEXOR for about six, (6)months, but he complained that he could no longer "think", carry on a conversation or enjoy himself with his friends.  He suffered paranoia episodes (something he NEVER had before SSRIs) and he used to hold his head and plead, "please make the voices stop".
He was obsessed with thoughts of SUICIDE and on more than one occasion, he tried to off himself - HE TOLD ME. I tried to help him but I felt SO HELPLESS.  I would talk to him every night on the phone, I didn't know what to do or where to go.
Then on Saturday, November 7, 2003, we had lunch together and he had a strange FLAT, sad appearance on his face (later I found out this was a type of brain damage caused by SSRIs).  He hugged me and I told him I loved him so much. On Sunday, November 8, 2003, he tried to call me on
my cell phone. For some reason, I never got the call.  My son
disappeared.  I searched for him for one (1) week. I prayed, I begged GOD to let me find him.
On Sunday November 14, 2003 - I did find him.  He had pulled his car into a garage at some rental property we own and had gone to SLEEP.  He finally found his peace.
Proud, Loving Mother of Aaron David Todovich

I am a walking testimony to the effects of Prozac.  Back in 2004 I attempted to take my life.  I was unsuccessful, thank God, having been found by one of my friends who came by my house that day and came in my front door when I did not answer the door, looking for me.
I was not depressed when I went to my doctor. I was "out of sorts."  My doctor made no attempts to find out why I was having mood swings and my mind was racing. It took me years to figure out what happened. 
I had a good job, a nice house, I was in no bad relationships, and life should have been just dandy.   What happened to me?  Prozac, that is what happened to me.  When I look back I realize that part of my feeling "out of sorts" was probably caused by several key factors: Depo-pravera, a horrific upbringing riddled with abuse that had never been dealt with, and, yes, minor mental problems (distortional thinking) that could have been dealt with by a psychologist and behavioral therapy.  None of which required Antidepressants and none of which require Antidepressants to this date.
Depo-pravera, a drug which I was on for 13 years, to keep Endometriosis suppressed, was a huge contributory factor in my "out of sorts" feeling.  Secondly I had a horrific violently abusive upbringing that had never been dealt with.  I ran away when I was 12 years old and never looked back. I had never dealt with the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which I suffered.  I am not very fond of certain diagnosis having learned from my psychiatrist that the diagnosis does not have to be specific for a person to be helped, which was the case with me since I was DSMV manual "unclassified mood disorder" diagnosis so they didn't know what to do with me.  I found that out way later on, way after this GP prescribed me Prozac without ever even getting me to a psychologist.
Depo-provera is one of those "duel drugs."  The ones that come out for one purpose and are used to treat other purposes.  After the fact (my suicide attempt) and after intense research I realized that this drug causes mood disorders and physically problems, some of which are not reversible. 
If my doctor would have bothered to look a little deeper he would have seen that I was taking  Depo-pravera, and had been for a long time, and known its side effects.  He would have began by getting me off that drug.  He then would have asked me a few questions, including about my upbringing since it so relevant to a lot of people who have mental problems.  If he had taken these few small steps he would have saved a world of grief for me, my family, my friends, my coworkers, my loved ones and on down the line. 
He would have realize that I was self-medicating with alcohol to wash away the feeling of uncleanness, guilt, and hatred from a very very abusive upbringing, and would have suggest a behavioral therapist or psychologist instead of carte blanche putting me on Prozac and Ambien.  I was drinking the day I went into that appointment and he never even said a word. There is no way he could not have known that I was drunk and no way he could not have smelled the alcohol on my breath.  I was two sheets to the wind that day.  I had been drinking all morning. 
He never-the-less prescribed to me Ambien and Prozac.  WOW!!  Talk about a lethal concoction!!  Alcohol, Ambien, and Prozac.  That does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that one.  I told him I did not feel depressed.  My life was good.  I was just having problems with my thought process and my life and I was in a funk of "get up, drink some coffee, go to work, come home, get up, drink some coffee, go to work, come home."  Everything seemed really bland.  Nothing was exciting anymore even though I was still laughing at times and having fun.
He told me that is exactly what depression is and gave me Prozac for the depression and Ambien to sleep.  I cannot even explain to you the effects those medicine had on me, especially Prozac.   I was grateful for Ambien helping me to sleep but I ended up using it to attempt what Prozac put in my mind, suicide.  Prozac really did nothing for me, I noticed no difference, no size effects, no change in the way I felt.  However, my mind was changing, I was beginning to think differently, and when I look back now I realize that it actually began a depression in me that became very severe and the drug took away the inhibition to take my life. I became infatuated with suicide while on that drug.  Life was hum drummer, even worse that it had been without the drug.   Everything just looked kind of Gray and it all did not make any sense since everything was going so well in my life.
I did not know where to turn, what to do.  I just kept taking the drug, and I just kept getting worse, more suicidal thoughts, more mood swings, and now I was drinking every single day (accept for during the days when I was at work).  Every night and all weekend all day and night.  Now I had two problems.  Life was Gray and I was an alcoholic.  I knew I was going nuts but did not know what to do about it.  I also could not stop drinking now.  I did not know that Prozac was increasing/adding to the problems that were going on in my mind and I did not contemplate suicide seriously until that drug.  Yes, I had thrown it around in my head a couple of times, I think every now and then people think to themselves "wouldn't it just be easier to just throw in the towel."  But that thought and the actual thought of suicide, and the entertaining of the thought to fruition are two totally different things.  Prozac caused the later. I am sure of it.
Like I said, I did not realize it was the Prozac, at the time, because at that time these studies were very small and the general public was not very aware of this. For months I planned on how to take my life until I figured out what I thought was the perfect, fastest, easiest, most effective, and cleanest way to accomplish it.  I did not tell anyone.  I did not want pity. I just wanted out. I left no note and it was a miracle from God that I was found and I live to this day to tell about it. 
I was already dead when I was found but my friend instituted CPR right away, having previously been a paramedic, and he found me in enough time to keep me breathing and my heart going until the paramedics got there.  They kept my body going until I got to the hospital.  They worked on me for an hour in the hospital trying to save me, I had to have a heart rub, the drugs, and the whole nine yards, and eventually their efforts paid off. 
I went through two incarcerations at a mental institute and a nightmare of trying to get my life together post a suicide attempt.  It was not fun and it didn't have to happen.  If they would just have gotten me to a psychologist and a behavioral therapist to begin with all of it could have been headed off at the pass and saved me and all of the loved ones around me a lot of terrible horrible heart ache, not to mention the damage it did to my physical body and mental state of mind.
I sold my house and I used the money to go into behavioral therapy with a psychologist and learned how to start reading books and listening to audio CD's in my car and to change the way I think and to set boundaries.  I am a living testimony that drugs are not needed in some cases (they say about 90%) to help those with certain mental disorders.  I apply the behavioral therapies I have learned when my mind tries to tell me what to do.  I have learned how to reprogram it and what to do in my thinking process and when.  I have learned what kind of people will never be a part of my life.  And I have learned boundaries with interpersonal relationships, and now I can live, and live free.  I am finally at peace with my situation and others are at peace with me.  I have true friendships and relationships and am healthy. All, without their drugs.  They put me on everything under the sun when I got out of the mental institute, and while I was in it, and I ended up doing a second round because I was more insane going out than coming in from their Serequil, Cymbalta, Paxal, Zoloft and on and on and on. I was on some many different medications I could not even see straight.  I was passing out, freaking out, crying, and the like.  I was absolutely out of my mind on their meds.  It was at that time that I decided I would pay more attention to the "stinking thinking" theory the second time around, in the mental ward, and figure out how to live without their drugs.
Like I said, I then sold my house, went into to intensive therapy and leaned the things I needed to know to live life as a health individual.  Things that most people just take for granted in their lives. That their thinking is ok.  Some people were never given the opportunity to think as a child, or were not born with proper thinking.  They need to be taught.
I know that there are people that have to take these meds, I saw such people in the mental institute, they cannot be changed with behavioral therapy.  However, 90-95% of the people incarcerated with me just needed a good psychologist (someone to listen), a good sleeping pattern (to get enough sleep every night, and have a "go to bed" and "wake up" set time), and to be taught how to rethink and establish boundaries.
I have been praying, and will keep on praying, that they are forced to make new drugs with less dangerous side effects.  I pray that the government would hold a higher standard to the side effects.  They must be forced to figure out how to get rid of the negative side effects, including the cardiac and physical side effects or their drug can't come out on the market.  This is for those that actually need the drugs. 
My second prayer is that doctors would be held to some sort of protocol before they are allowed to prescribe Antidepressants.  #1 no GP should be able to do so.  He has to refer to a psychiatrist to do so. #2 no Psychiatrist can do so until he has met the protocol of having them go through behavioral classes, rethinking programs, support groups, drug rehabs with a professional (not the CNA's they had in our mental facility), et al.  Protocol sheets that have to be met before they can even dare to prescribe an Antidepressant.  #3 all Antidepressants with side effects of suicide should be pulled off the market as soon as doctor's have had a chance to wean their patients and get them on a different Antidepressant, and pulled off the market permanently until the drug companies can figure out how to take that molecule out or whatever.  
God speed to you in your efforts.  I pray that God can use this email for your purpose and that He would bring all of the darkness to light about these drugs and the prescribing doctors and these drugs would be exposed and these doctors who have prescribed them, prescribed them as though they were ordinary average medications. Only God truly can see, and I believe He does.  I believe change will be coming........ Keep praying.
Respectfully yours,

In 1990, my wife of 12 years was given Nardil, an older Maoi antidepressant for postpartum depression. Within 2 weeks, my wife was scaring me. I was afraid to go to sleep near her and I was afraid to leave our chidren alone with her. This nightmare lasted for 2 years and the only way that I could protect our children and me was to tell everyone that I was afraid she was going to kill us. She has now been taking "antidepressants", mostly SSRIs, for 17 years of "postpartum depression"
In 1992,with the help of the Provincial Health Minister (Alberta, Canada) I met with my wife's 2 family doctors, 2 therapists and her psychiatrist. to tell them of my concerns.  As I walked out of the therapists' office after listening to them say EXACTLY the same as the doctors and psychiatrist... that "the drugs don't do that", I realized that it was not just MY problem.
This is a GLOBAL problem that is destroying the USA. Since 1991, I have collected little known facts about how drug companies work.......................................................

Dear Camille, Please accept my sincerest condolences for the loss of your beautiful daughter, Sarina. I too, am fighting psychiatric over drugging etc. Our son was incarcerated because of toxicity and withdrawal from these miserable drugs. I am signing your petition and want to support your efforts in lobbying to get rid of the cavalier drugging of our children under the aegis of mental illness when indeed, most of the problems are more likely physical along with emotional. Your comparison of 1968 to 2008 is so appropriate. Your website is a wonderful help to those who would think about putting their children on these antidepressants and then anti-psychotics (in the long term) with all the labels that will befall them on this journey. Future doctors and pharmacists should be compelled to study such sites as yours to get another picture of what is truly happening with these drugs. The one-sided view presented by the medical faculties at universities whose curriculum is decided/funded by Big Pharma and friends ought not be the sole source of information about these very debilitating drugs. I wish you every success in your endeavors to educate and overthrow the drug industry's avarice and their "no-ethics" condition at our children's and loved one's expense. Sincerely.........................................

hello   sorry for your lose   so very sad.  that's for doing something to stop this.
  my name is Lynn griffin,Dixon springs tn  55 yr. old male
i have been on different anti depression meds for a few yrs.  maybe parts of 6 or 7 yrs.
  i was put on effexor after i wasn't helped by others.  when i started and i am not sure about the days i was on it,but i think about 2-4 days  all of a sudden i got so very depressed. i remember wanting to roll up into a ball. the feeling i really can't describe. i was at my daughters house,and my wife said lets go shopping.  well i didn't want to do that,but i had to do something,because i was getting so very depressed.  almost the whole trip..about 6 hr. i was out of my mind with depression.  i than understood how people kill themselves after that drug.  i came off the drug as soon as i told my therapist.
the thing i don't understand is why it is on the market?  i have been in the yahoo depression group for about 2-1/2 yrs.    i have heard more bad talk about that drug than all the rest of them put together.  THAT DRUG MAKER HAS TO KNOW!!!!!   AND STILL GO AND HELP KILL SO MANY!   SOMEONE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL!  and please throw away the key.
  keep selling this drug so these rotten S.O.B.'s can make money?
if i knew how bad this drug is....how about those making it?         KILLERS!!!!
the same as putting a gun to someones head,only how many have to die?
  100's  maybe 1000's dead, good ,nice, and kind people.  people that are on these depression meds are some of the nicest people in the world.
  any thing i can do to stop these jerks let me know!
oh by the way...i missed the most important thing about depressed people,we are the most honest people in the world.   just the way it is.
  one more thing..i have got much better without drugs.  i got better by listening to cd's from the midwest center for depression and axiety www.stresscenter.com  1-800-944-9460
  these people know how to heal depression!   also i believe therapy helped me.
the real secret is when you find happiness in yourself.
while you are at these drug co.   why not fix the real problem. lets stop the killings in schools and people going postal.   i am sure i know how.   i was close to going postal,and i am such a mellow kind person.  starts with teaching in schools while kids are very young. but i have other ideas,if i can get any one to listen.  i have a dream to almost stop all this crap...without drugs.  you can tell i can't write,but i got a heart,because i know the hurt of depression
  i won  no more of that dark tunnel for me..........................

I lost my dear Brother, Danny Roy Beard, this last July 27th. I am So Angry with this!!! They are not taking enough precautions to prevent this, and many people are losing people they love so much because of it. Something Must Be Done!

Six months ago I lost my beloved son to this horrific fact as he was prescribed a cocktail of these drugs by a navy flight surgeon and to date I am unable to secure the medical records for this treatment as they seem to have "mysteriously" disappeared and I WILL DO ANYTHING to STOP this pain from being felt by any other parents, My son's name was Daniel Roy Beard and his voice shall be heard along with your beloved daughter so help me God!

I lost my beloved 27 year old nephew 6 months ago. May the crusade to abolish suicide causing antidepressants be successful so that other families won't have to live with the pain left behind by our vulnerable loved ones.......................

I had a friend who committted suicide. Please don't let this happen to any one else. Make the change..make a difference..save lives...........................................................

I suffered through this and tried to take my own life, because the anti-depressants the doctor gave me made me feel so empty inside and void of any feeling or life. When I tried to tell my doctor something was wrong, nothing was done and no one would listen. Please do not let Sarina Angel have died in vain. Help others, we have been crying out to you for years......................................................

I lost a 13 year old son to Zoloft. Aside from suicide, I have recently learned of other effects of SSRI that are not reversible, such as low libido and sexual disfunction in young people. These drugs should be a last resort if used at all, not handed out like candy by doctors.................................

My son was suicidal after taking anti-depressants when he was only 12. STOP this insanity to our most precious gifts...

My nephew is recently going through major trauma due to antidepressants. It's what is called Serotonin Syndrome and it too nearly cost him his life. He is only 15 and also attempted suicide weeks after being put on antidepressants and is now fighting for his life. ............................................................

Since July of 2006 I had been off of all psychiatric medications and seemed to be doing fine.  In October of 2006, I contracted Salmonella poisoning that set off an autoimmune response in my body.  I developed reactive arthritis and Crohn's disease.  In January or February of 2007, I began to see a psychiatrist again for my depression.  My depression was actually stemming from being chronically ill and being unable to properly care for my children or be the wife I used to be to my husband.  Anyway, my new psychiatrist placed me on Tegretol (mood stabilizer), Klonopin (anti-anxiety--which I have taken several times with no side effects) and then she added Buspar (for anxiety).  On March 27th, 2007, I attempted suicide.  The first time I had ever tried to kill myself.  EVER.  I took several bottles of pills because I just wanted to fall asleep and never wake up.  I didn't want to live in physical pain anymore.  That was my rationale.  I was rushed to the ER and the last thing I remember was them telling me to lay on the bed...that's it.  I woke up in the ICU.  I was in my "right mind" now and wanted to go home and be with my family.  The ICU has a policy where only 1 family member can visit for 10 minutes at a time, 2 times a day.  So I was stuck.  They even padded the sides of my bed so I wouldn't hurt myself.  What made matters worse is that they would not give me any medication for my pain, the MAIN reason I tried to kill myself...the extreme abdominal pain I was experiencing due to the Crohn's disease.  Unfortunately, my primary care doctor did not have privileges at this hospital, so I was left to the care (or uncare) of the doctor on staff, who accused me of being a drug seeker.  If I could only go back and show him my doctor's records from the past year, I would love to shove them in his face to prove that he was wrong.  But I digress.  While talking to Dr. Tracy, she mentioned that last Thursday they just came out with a study that proved that mood stabilizers doubled the risk of suicide in patients.  I had only been on Tegretol for 2-3 months and then attempted suicide.  I DO NOT think this was a coincidence at all.  Tegretol was one of the drugs mentioned in the study.  I just wanted to share this story with you, and again, I ask that you please do not use my name.  I just thought this would be important in mentioning since I heard what Dr. Tracy told me about mood stabilizers.....................................................

I lost my husband to suicide 4 years ago on 2/6/04, after celexa made him manic/depressed and then ritalin ran out and the MD could not get a triplicate in time. he ended his life after 48hrs off the meds…………………..

I lost my beautiful daughter Beth from a paxil induced suicide. It was prescribed by our GP for innsomina and mild anxiety. Beth took her own life 8days later, I have testified at 3 FDA hearings since 2003, when we lost Beth. God bless you for all your work and your crusade, we are currently putting together a web site honoring Beth and educating and to educate others of the dangers of these killer drugs!...............

I totally agree with you.A sister of mine commited suicide also while she was on the "wonder" drug Valium. I myself have experienced the horrible side effects of antidepressants. They can make a totally healthy person very suicidal and very homicidal. They (antidepressants) do NOT work at all either. Yet doctors keep on prescribing them knowing that they do not work and can cause suicidal and/or homicidal ideation. The bottom line is as it usually is, "MONEY". The more drugs they prescribe, the bigger piece of the financial "pie" the drug makers and the doctors will share with each other. The doctors and the drug makers sholud be held responsible for "ALL" the criimes and suicides commited by people on their "wonder" drugs. Please continue the fight to abolish these dangerous drugs,and more power to you!! Sincerely, David Rendon P.S. I am a published author.My book "Gods Awesome Redeeming Grace " by Jose Cardona (my pen name) just got published and is available at Amazon,Borders,Barnes &Noble,etc..Worldwide. Am currently writing another book.As soon as I am done with that one I plan to write another book regarding the dangers of these horrible, worthless drugs. Thanks again and God bless..

I knew someone that this happened to (these drugs are dangerous) and the truth is that they had just started taking them under a counselors care and a few months later, they committed suicide. This person was a happy person their entire life, went to a couselor for a BREAK UP, given drugs and now gone, suicide........................................................

Hi this is Allison Florez im 15 going on 16  my aunt Irma Meyers told me about your daughter and i visited your web site www.ILoveYouSarina21.last-memories.com  and i cried i used to be on Antideppressents since i was 5years of age my aunt recently got me off of those pills.Most of the time when i was on those Antideppressents i was suicidal but im off now and im doing very good........So get back to me when you can i know you are VERY busy so know rush!!!.....

I was one of the ever growing population of teenagers on a mix of anti-depressants a few years ago. I was prescribed Zoloft, Remeron, Welbutrin, and Celexa. I remember there were times I woke up in the kitchen with butcher knives and times I started self mutilating and starving myself. I never did any if those things before I took anti-depressants. Every time I went back and said it was not working, or it was making me feel worse - another prescription was added! I took it upon myself to stop taking the medication and after my period of withdrawal, I've lived a healthier, happier, and safer life. I felt worse the year that I took the medication than I ever have in my life. That was seven years ago, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday............................................................

My brother committed suicide at the age of 25 after having had the wrong medication in a psychiatric hospital. This was over 20 years ago. I really wish you strength. I know what it means to a mother to experience this. Lots of love................, ANNET VAN DORSSER, the Netherlands

SSRI's killed my mother and severely brain damaged me. The horror of my mother's death is causing me to decline further cognitively...........................................................

Hi Camille,
I felt very privileged to transcribe an interview you did for The Citizens
Commission On Human Rights. I have done transcriptions for CCHR as a
volunteer for about a year now and have never been so moved by an interview.
My heart goes out to you and your family. We don't have much but will get on
line and donate something.
God Bless You,

Thanks for your email!  I will donate something through the link!  I was on antidepressants in 1996-97 and quit cold turkey (unknowing of the DANGERS). By the grace of God I pulled through.  I will NEVER go on any kind of psych drug again, and always try to stop anyone I can from going on anything.  I tell everyone I can of my story too…
Keep doing what you are doing!  You are a savior to even one person (but know there are many more) who decides not to go on psych drugs…
God Bless!

I have attempted suicide twice while on antidepressants and am looking for a way to get off them. Can you help me?.......

I am a victim of antidepressants, benzodiazepines and have spent the majority of my life trying to figure out why I can't stand living in my body. To think I have endured all of this with no relief and hear that others have successfully ended their torment, used to torment me night and day. I KNOW there is no use to any of these drugs because I've been on more than I care to recall. Finally I am recieving help to get the poison out of my body that is making me appear to have these "diagnosis" - but I don't believe I ever really had anything wrong going on inside from the very start. The war has begun and YOU, will be the real losers, in every sense of the word....................................................

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