He was taking MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION when he stepped in front of a train in Menlo Park early April 7.

She had been to the doctors and prescribed anti-depressants two months before her death.

Prisoner taking ANTI-DEPRESSANTS Hanged Herself w/Shoelaces

His family wondered if the medication he had just started taking for attention deficit disorder contributed to his death.

Man taking several ANTI-DEPRESSANTS involved in accident. Suicide note and loaded gun found in truck.

Liz Haas had taken anti-depressant medication for only five days before her suicide

Psychiatrist prescribed Zoloft; one week later, Matt Miller killed himself


17 year-old athlete on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION hangs self

Another soldier lost; not from battle but the Anti-Depressant CELEXA

16 year-old on PROZAC takes her own life.

Man on PROZAC takes own life

He was believed to be intoxicated, but further tests showed no signs of alcohol or [illegal] drugs. He had been prescribed ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

Woman on PROZAC commits suicide in hospital

Judge attempts suicide while on ANTIDEPRESSANTS

Woman's death ruled suicide by overdose of WELLBUTRIN

Woman on PROZAC attempts suicide

SSRI induced suicide affects all ages

Grandfather prescribed ANTI-DEPRESSANTS hangs self

Officer on Trazodone, Celexa and Wellbutrin arrested; threatens suicide

Woman on PROZAC falls to her death

More Suicide Despite Efforts (Efforts = more ANTI-DEPRESSANTS)

Another Soldier on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS attempts suicide

ANTI-DEPRESSANTS involved in Heath Ledgers death

Heath Ledger Dead; bottles of XANAX and VALIUM found

Woman was prescribed ANTI-DEPRESSANTS shortly before taking her own life

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS appeared happy up until he took his own life

Jordan's parents wondered whether the antidepressants he was taking caused him to jump from the ninth floor.

Government official on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION commits suicide

Famous author, Iris Chang, had it all but was on and off of ANTI-DEPRESSANTS when she shot herself

Mother of 4 on Prozac commits suicide

Novelist Danielle Steel's son, Nicholas Traina, was taking PROZAC but not his prescribed Lithium during his overdose.

17 year-old Jay 17-year-old Johnston put a shotgun to his chin while on ZOLOFT and  RITALIN. He lived but is grossly disfigured.

Healthy 19 year-old who was not depressed kills herself during
Eli-Lily clinical trial of drug Duloxetine (CYMBALTA). The FDA approved it anyway. Now hundreds more are also dead.

A Nurse Practitioner doubled her LEXAPRO dose; four days later she shot herself

Suicide by Cop: Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS has stand-off with police using a fake gun

Woman on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS jumps to her death

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS hangs self from bridge.

The valedictorian of 2006 in Wellesley High just killed himself. He was taking Prozac.

Man hangs self - Dr. revealed that he "...had been prescribed anti-depressant medication a few months before his death but she said he did not have any suicidal thoughts."

Committed suicide within three weeks of being put on Prozac

Reports show anti-depressants in her blood

He suffered from depression, and was under medication

Megan victim of depression medication and My Space hoax.

"...a battery of antidepressants only seemed to deepen his haze."

TV news star had recently changed to a new anti-depressant

The only possible explanation she has is the prescription drugs

Mother was taking anti-depressants when she jumped from cliff

"Shortly before his death he reported suicidal thoughts to his doctor and was prescribed anti-depressants."

Pittsburgh woman was on Prozac when she committed suicide

He was on medication for depression

"...anti-depressants seemed only to worsen his symptoms."

It involves an entire medical system, a system of patient care, a type of prescription drug - even a brand of drug: Effexor

Coroner Recommends Warnings For SSRIs

"He was taking an anti-depressant, but I really think it made his depression worse."

"...was taking six separate medicines simultaneously -- anti-psychotics, muscle relaxants, sleeping tablets and two types of anti-depressants."

Many who die by suicide are taking antidepressant medication

She was on a number of anti-depressants

Suffered from depression and panic attacks and was on anti-depressants

stopped taking Zoloft four days before he shot himself

"...he was delivered enough medication to take his own life many times over."

Man sets self on fire; was on medication at times

"...he was prescribed the anti-depression medication, Lexapro."

Man on anti-depressants jumps from a 10th-floor balcony

Three weeks before he died, the doctor doubled the Paxil.

Man given Effexor before committing suicide

Girl dies after taking an overdose of anti-depressants

Two women overdose on anti-depressants in unrelated cases

Woman takes own life while mind is disturbed by Paxil

Famous athlete driven to suicide by anti-depressants

Comedian Richard Jeni commits suicide while on anti-depressants

Lawsuit: Drug caused son's suicide. PAXIL

An overdose of antidepressants causes death

Was prescribed anti-depressants but counseling was not available

Olympic weightlifter had Celexa in his body on the night he died

Popular meteorologist was on four medications: Sonata, alaprazolam, antidepressant lexapro and hydrocodone (3 of these are listed on our "Killer Drugs" page.

81 year old was not depressed but was given a sample of anti-depressants for chest pain: kills himself 13 days later.

Two years ago, Christian Hageseth logged on to the Internet in Colorado and prescribed Prozac to a Menlo Park, Calif., teenager with a history of mental illness and alcohol abuse. A few months later, 19-year-old John McKay killed himself in his family home.

A doctor placed Kayla on Lexapro; 6 weeks later Kayla hung herself

At the time of his suicide, the only drug in his system was his antidepressant medication.

"...15-year-old suffered from clinical depression, which she had recently begun treating with medication."

"One day after his antidepressant medication was doubled, a Whitfield County man threw himself in front of a moving train, killing him."

86-year-old "...was receiving treatment for depression and was on medication" when she stepped in front of a train going 125 MPH.

24 year-old was on prescribed anti-depressants.

He had just started taking medication for depression the week before he died

Man lies on tracks with a train coming, police found a bottle of antidepressants near the tracks

Woman sues doctors, drug makers over husband's suicide

13 year old was being treated for depression and was on medication

Tests came back positive for anti-depression and anti-anxiety medication

The sister of Spain's future queen committed suicide by taking a cocktail of anti-depressant pills

"In the months leading up to Owen's death she was prescribed large doses of Prozac."

Teen jumps from 11th floor; he had been taking Lexapro

He was on anti-depressants, but that didn't help

Woman on depression medication sets herself on fire.

Only 12 of the 100 pills dispensed to Wheeler that day remained in the bottles of the antidepressants Wellbutrin and Sertraline, as well as the benzodiazepine Clonazepam

Coroner says he died from an overdose of Excedrin and antidepressants

24 year old took an overdose of anti-depressants

74 year old on anti-depressants sets self on fire

4 pills into Paxil, he woke up, he shot himself in the head.

Dr swallows cyanide after taking anti-depressants

Soldier taken off Paxil when she was sent home shoots and kills herself

College student starts anti-depressants and kills self 4 months before graduation

US Chancellor jumps 33 stories; she was taking Zoloft & Effexor

"Their GP said you will wait a year for that (counseling), and he put them both on Prozac. His wife went back within a week saying 'I feel like a zombie' but the doctor said it was just early days and she should keep on taking the tablets. She tried to kill herself twice in three weeks and she succeeded the third time."

17 year old hangs self 3 weeks after being prescribed anti-depressants

Singer dies of overdose of anti-depressants

Police Sgt. took Paxil and shot himself

Man on Prozac drove his car into a gas sub-station then downed a fatal dose of hydrochloric acid after emerging uninjured from the wreckage

"...Successful executive had been in therapy and on antidepressants."

He had just begun taking the controversial anti-depressant Effexor, which I believe is a culpable factor

Molly's suicide was prescription-drug related

People in all parts of the world are committing suicide while on antidepressants or during the withdrawal syndrome

prescribed an anti-depressant, making the girl even more despondent

There is a strong possibility that the antidepressants either exacerbated the paranoid feeling of "a personal attack" or actually caused it. Paranoia is listed as an adverse reaction to antidepressants in the Physicians Desk Reference.

Woman on anti-depressants sets self on fire

22 year old with no history of depression kills self after taking Celexa

19 year old chess champion falls from 8th floor hotel room; meds for depression are found in her room

50 year old taking meds for depression hangs self

Another child on LEXAPRO commits suicide

Parents believe antidepressant LEXAPRO caused both sons to kill themselves 17 months apart

Lively and fun-loving 15 year old takes overdose of anti-depressants

Mother believes anti-depressants caused daughter's suicide

Daughter of D.A. kills self; sister said the antidepressant medication she was on played a huge role.

Her suicide puzzled everyone who knew her. Then they discovered she had started taking antidepressants, then stopped and started again.

19-year-old started taking Paxil for anxiety. 12 days later she noticed drastic changes in his mood. He was upset and crying; an hour later, he was found dead in the family garage. He had committed suicide.

Shortly before he committed suicide he was given a prescription for an anti-depressant

17 year old goes crazy on WELLBUTRIN

Boy hangs self after being given samples of the antidepressant PAXIL

I strongly believe it was the pills that caused her suicide

She was prescribed medication for depression in the weeks before she took her own life

Mother on anti-depressants set self on fire

Man jumps from bridge five weeks after going on the antidepressant Remeron and only hours after a visit to his psychiatrist.

Dean of University on anti-depressants, steps in front of a moving train

Police Officer was taking generic Prozac when he began hearing voices and shot himself.

Boy has unexpected reaction to PROZAC and hangs self

Father Alan began taking antidepressants in 2004. He subsequently lost his religious faith and committed suicide in Oct. 2005

Man in hospital is given ZOLOFT and hangs self

She blames PAXIL for her daughter's suicide

12 year old on PROZAC shoots self

"...the anti-depressant drug his brother was prescribed, Venlafaxine [Effexor], had caused him to kill himself."

My husband took this drug (PAXIL) for 3 days and then hanged himself

Man started anti-depressants days before his death

Anti-smoking drug linked to suicide

Police said they found anti-depressants and an anti-anxiety drug in his home

Man on CELEXA Steps into Path of Motor Home to Commit Suicide

Woman Kills Self 3 Weeks after Starting PROZAC

18 Year Old on ANTIDEPRESSANTS commits Suicide after 6 months of "Self-Harm"

Man commits suicide: He had been a strong, wise, witty, successful businessman before his first encounter with an SSRI. This whole tragic incident took place within a three month period of time.

Another EFFEXOR death that didn't have to happen

20 year old takes life after using PAXIL

Teen's who are taking and had recently stopped taking LEXAPRO commit suicide

19 year old on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION steps in front of a train

4th grader who started using MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION 4 months ago hangs self.

18 year old on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION becomes concerned about his health and kills self

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