Additional Letters of Support for Senate Memorial 9;
STUDY ANTIDEPRESSANTS & SUICIDE (This is the first step towards "Sarina's Law"). continued from Sarina's Law page:

Dear Senators:

My name is Kristen and Sarina is my cousin. I am deeply devastated by her loss. My heart aches, and all I keep asking myself is why? Sarina was always full of life, and she loved everyone. I have memories of her showing me how to do my hair and make-up for the first time. She was kind, caring, and loving. She was a good-hearted person.

When Sarina was depressed she was given anti-depressant drugs to help her, but instead they turned against her. These drugs that were supposed to help her, caused her to take her life. As a college student I know first hand the stresses, pressures, and responsibilities us young adults have. A lot just can't handle it and turn to drugs that are supposed to help them get through these stresses. Instead of helping people, it makes them worse.

I support SM9 because it's turning young adults into killers and victims of suicide. We need Senate Memorial 9 to become Sarina's Voice Memorial Act. All Suicide-Causing Anti-Depressants need to be ABOLISHED!! Sarina's Voice must be heard and I know it will become Sarina's Law.

Thank You Senator Carraro and all Senators who vote YES

Kristen Corvino
Brooklyn, New York 


My name is Linda Valentine and I am the mother of Chris.  Chris did not loose his life as your beautiful daughter did but he did receive psychiatric damage.  By that I mean TD and other unwanted behaviors due to drugging him almost to death.

I really think we need the law in place and you have my full support.  I have been a member of for over 10 years and have a group called "RAPS" (Relatives & Allies of Psychiatric Survivors)(many died).  We share info and connect with each other because the "system" as you know it is devastating to the individuals and their families.  You have my full support on this issue.

Linda Valentine



Dear Senator Carraro,

I am writing you a letter of support for introducing Senate Memorial 9 that would convene a task force to study the correlation between antidepressants and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Since 1988 with the introduction of Prozac,  America has seen an increasing amount of mass murder/suicides being committed by young people who have been put on antidepressants. These incidents include the shootings at Columbine where shooter Eric Harris was on Luvox, the shootings at Red Lake in Minnesota, where native American teen Jeff Weise killed ten people including himself and wounded many others.

In just the last three months America has been rocked by the senseless Omaha Mall shootings committed by 19-year-old Robert Hawkins who killed nine including himself and wounded many others. Hawkins had a history of taking antidepressants.

Following on the heels of this tragedy was the Colorado Church murders committed by Matthew Murray who admitted in Internet postings and was reported in an AP News release to have been taking antidepressants.

Everytime somebody goes on a senseless murder/suicide campaign, it turns out that they were on antidepressants. Just before these recent killings in America, a youth named Pekka-Eric Auvinen had gone on a shooting rampage at a school in Finland. Internet postings he had made linked him to taking antidepressants.

Enough is enough. We are now at the point were a single senseless tragedy such as the death of Sarina Cuoco hardly makes any news in America. We have become desensitized to the loss of our children to the point where it takes someone going on a shooting spree in a church, mall or school and killing at least ten people before the news is reported beyond the local area. Yet nobody seems to be doing anything to investigate why these things are happening. In every case, the red flag of antidepressants is there making a connection to the murders and suicides.

Senator Carraro, I applaud your courage in introducing Senate Memorial 9. Maybe you will be able to save not just New Mexico but all of America from this needless epidemic of kids on antidepressants committing suicide and murder.

Thank you.

Ernest P. Ryan


Dear Senator Carraro

We support Camille Mike and urge you to establish a commission to investigate
the link between antidepressants and suicide.

In our research and investigation there is a direct link between the two.
Your commission will help bring peace to families who have lost loved ones,
and prevent future loss with your findings.

Denise Marhoefer

Denise Marhoefer
Independent Investigative Journalist
National News Correspondent
Independent Broadcaster-Justice 1
The Defense Foundation For Children USA
Miracles Of Hope Network
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good in the lives of children--
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The Juvenile Defender
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TO:  The Honorable Members of the Legislative Houses of the State of New Mexico

FROM:  Alison J. Redford


I am writing in support of this Memorial.  I've read of the specific situation of a young woman whose mother

is pushing for this necessary Memorial, and I am very familiar with the situation all across the United

States.  Children under the influence of antidepressant medications frequently become very disturbed, and all

too often, tragedy results.  Please see your ways clear to pass this Memorial, to encourage better

therapeutic practices within the State of New Mexico.  Your example will encourage other states to follow

your lead.

I appreciate your time, and your thoughtful consideration of my message.


Dear Camille,

Thank you for your work to establish a commission to investigate the link between antidepressants and suicide.

Please let the Honorable Senator Carraro know that there are people across the country who support this type of study, and follow-up with legislative action.

New Mexico can lead the way for the nation.


Marjorie Roswell
Baltimore, MD


TO:  State Senator Carraro

It is so frustrating to see time and time again in the news, for many years,  yet another story of another person who committed some heinous violent crime against their family, and/or committed suicide while on antidepressants.   This is a very common occurrence. 

The causative connection is not splashed all over the news for one, and only one,   Almost all the media is influenced by their advertising revenue.  The drug companies are the big advertisers on TV and in the major print media.  Publishers already are having a difficult time staying afloat in this age of digital media.  TV stations are also similarly influenced, as is the FDA in Washington D.C..  (Remember the recent Vioxx problems?  FDA is not very protective of the consumer when it comes to the major drug companies.) 

I feel the only hope to exposing the horrific connection between violence and prescribed anti-depressant medicines are the state governments.  Although these medicines may only cause violence is about 1 percent of the patient population, it does cause a very significant problem.  Only a government body has the resources to wrestle with them successfully.

Please respond to the recent suicide of Sarina Cuoco, and countless others, who have been unwittingly victimized by the pharmaceutical companies.  In their quest for greater profits they do not give full disclosure of the risks of their powerful mind-altering drugs.   For thousands of other families, such as mine,  who have been similarly harmed, it is our prayer that the truth will one day finally come out.


Shoneen Bergholdt
San Diego, California


Camille Mike,

I am writing in support of your efforts to persuade New Mexico Senator Carraro to convene a task force for the investigation into antidepressants and their negative side effects, namely suicide and violence.

On November 28, 2004, I and my family lost our precious brother and son to suicide.  He was our Golden-hair boy:  not our black sheep.  He was drug and alcohol free.  He had never before had any bouts of depression or mental illness.  During Labor Day of 2004, my brother, Matt, fell into a deep and isolated depression as a result of the ending of a long-term relationship.  He was placed on the antidepressant, Lexapro, along with Xanax to help him sleep.  After three months of trying various antidepressants and "cocktails" of other pharmaceutical drugs, he self-admitted to a well known hospital, The Meadows of Wickenburg, AZ, to detox off of everything. Little did we know he was heavily ideating about suicide and had been so since starting the antidepressants in September.  After telling staff for four days that he "couldn't stop thinking about hanging himself," they failed to protect him.  No one removed his belt.  No one locked him down.  Early on that morning of November 28th, staff found my beautiful and precious brother hanging from a tree on an adjacent horse farm.  From this tragedy, I have established a non-profit organization called Break the Silence.  My website is:

I FIRMLY believe that my brother's suicidal ideations began with his consumption of these antidepressants.  NEVER before had he ever thought of suicide or expressed any desire to die.  In fact, my brother loved life.

It is time we stop the pharmaceutical companies from brain-washing the public into believing we are all "bi polar" or in need of pills to make us happy.  Sadness, grief, loss and depression are normal  human reactions and emotions to life.   Drugs are helpful when they are truly needed.  However, the pharmaceutical companies are lining their pockets and not being truthful to the public.

These drugs can and DO kill.  It's too late for my brother and my family but not too late for others.  Please move to investigate these drugs.  They ARE killing people.

Thank you,
Denise Burne Fein
Break the Silence


Dear Sarina's Mom (Camille Mike), [and New Mexico Senator Carraro],

At 17, our son had trouble sleeping (his apartment was noisy).  After a very short meeting (minutes) with the doctor he was prescribed Zoloft.   For a week or so he was cheerier.  Then problems started.

To make a long story short, he went through a lot of trouble, pain and even overdosed on a full bottle of Zoloft.  He later said he was not trying to commit suicide, but did not really know what caused him to overdose (he was not himself?).   

Fortunately we lucked upon a book about SSRI's bad effects.  We read and researched a lot more on the subject.  Finally, we demanded that the doctors take him off SSRI (they had been switching to other SSRIs and playing around with higher dosages and combinations...incredibly, this increase in SSRI prescription was even after his overdose of SSRI!!! - he had a bad reaction to SSRI and they prescribed more SSRI!!!).  It was a huge battle to get the doctors to agree.  At one point we had to write threatening letters enclosing research, documents, books with earmarks and highlights.

Another lucky thing was that our son's insurance was up for renewal.  We refused to renew, and lo and behold, once the doctors found out that nobody will pay for the doctors' visits, involuntary {parents had no rights to take him out and he was drugged} confinement in the hospital and SSRIs they agreed to let us start reducing the dosage at home. Eventually our son successfully completed his gradual withdrawal from SSRI (withdrawal symptoms were so bad at one point we had to offer him more SSRI next to his bed.  He "toughed it out" and never took more SSRI although his pain was extremely intense.  We kept telling him it will get better soon and that that was the worst point).

Conclusion:  Our son is fine now after many years without SSRIs.  In my over 2,000 hours of reading about SSRIs I have concluded that I agree that not only is SSRI not effective, it CAUSES people to be suicidal / homicidal.  We are very glad that our son survived his ordeal.  We are sorry that you lost Sarina.  We think the drug dealer companies that push SSRIs should be investigated and punished accordingly.

Good luck with your mission.

Ferdinand Fam

ps.  Dr. Ann Tracy once asked us what "our story" was about SSRI.  We never told her because we felt it was our son's story, if he really wanted to tell it, and not really ours to tell.  We are telling you this story in case it may help you and the Senator to know that there are people out there who have stories but are constrained, for whatever reasons, from telling them.  We have kept our story for nine years. Every time we read about another victim, like Sarina, we feel so guilty that we did not lift a finger or even just tell our story.  Again, we apologize and we wish you godspeed with your mission.  


Hi Camille,

My name is Jay Baadsgaard. My son Corey experienced the bad side of abrupt Paxil withdrawal and a high dose of Effexor. He was fortunate to not take his own life, but his life will never be the same because of these two drugs, Paxil and Effexor.
Corey was found in diminished capacity because of the abrupt discontinuation of Paxil and a significant dose of Effexor wrongly prescribed for situational depression. The Forensic Psychiatrist findings are important because Corey had been arrested for taking a rifle into his high school English class and holding the class hostage for a few minutes.  Corey gave up the rifle to the Principal and then was arrested. Corey spent 14 months in a Juvenile Detention Center waiting for the report. Corey was able to reach a plea agreement which included time served and probation. Corey still has no memory of that day. Amnesia is listed as a frequent side effect of Effexor. Corey also experienced hallucinations while on Paxil and Effexor. He was afraid to tell us because he was only 16 at the time and had never had hallucinations before and did not know what was happening to him.
Corey has testified before the FDA in February 2004. He also has been interviewed many times. Corey's voice is the first you will hear in this video. The Drugging of Our Children.
I truly wish you luck in speaking before Congress. We parents that have had kids experienced adverse reactions to SSRI Antidepressants have heard too many stories of drug induced suicides, murder/suicides, school shooting, work place violence that we can no longer sit still.
Good Luck and God Bless,
Jay Baadsgaard


I agree that these drugs should be taken off the market. I have been trying to get off these pill for a year now and I am still trying. the side effects of coming off these pills are sleepless nights, headacks, and memory loss. I have been experiencing these withdraw symptoms for months now. Thanks to these dum pill. No one told me how hard it would be to come off these pills. 
Michael Pietrzak


January 21, 2008

Dear Senator Carraro,

I am very encouraged to learn of the initiative you are taking to establish a commission to investigate the relationship between antidepressant drugs and suicide.  This is an extremely urgent matter.  I urge you to expand this effort to include the relationship between these drugs and harm to others (road rage, violence and homicide).  For the last seven years I have been communicating with hundreds of people across the United States and throughout Europe, and have been attempting to warn the public about the dangers of antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs. 

I have met hundreds of people who were suffering from depression, anxiety and other forms of mental distress who were prescribed one or more psychiatric drugs and were not provided any warning of the addictive nature or severe side effects that often accompany the use of these drugs, or of the dangers involved when trying to withdraw from them.   Many of the people I have talked with received a diagnosis of anxiety or depression, etc after a short interview with their family doctor.  A complete physical was not performed… no lab tests....  An interview is all that was required to determine that this or that pill was the remedy to make them well.

The population adversely affected by these drugs may appear to be nominal when seen as a mere percentage in the drug labeling insert, but in reality- so many have been prescribed these drugs for everything from pain management to mild depression to PMS (most without proper follow up care), that the "small percentage" found in the drug label can easily be translated into tens of thousands, perhaps millions, who have suffered serious side effects.  Hundreds of people, desperate for answers to what is happening to them, and unable to bear those side effects end up taking their own life.  Others suffer from such serious effects that they seem to experience a break from reality and sadly, take the life of another…  

I have never taken any of these drugs, but I became involved in the effort to reform healthcare after the devastation I experienced in my own family.  We lost our fourteen year old son in the early summer of 2000, and I am convinced his death was brought on by an adverse reaction to Prozac.  I also experienced the dissolution of my twenty year marriage as I stood by helplessly while my ex-husband suffered a nightmarish hell when he attempted to withdraw from Paxil.  During his withdrawal, he became suicidal at times, violent at other times, and he turned his rage on me.   I vividly recall the night I fled our home, frightened that he was going to harm me....  It took him nearly a year to finally free himself from the effects of Paxil.  He is one of the lucky ones who survived.  He filed a lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline and was one of the named plaintiffs in an MDL lawsuit which which finally came to settlement five long years after the lawsuit was initiated. 
(The Baum Hedlund law firm in Los Angeles filed the initial complaint).  Today he is drug free and doing fine, but the damage to our family is irreparable. 

These drugs never “cure” any of the mental illnesses they are prescribed for; at best they only mask symptoms that are a result of underlying problems that often go undiagnosed.  I really believe these drugs should be eventually banned altogether, and a law should be passed which would force the drug companies to set up and fund withdrawal clinics throughout the nation until everyone can be brought safely off of them.  The public is becoming more aware of the fact that they were prevented from giving their informed consent because critical information they should have received was withheld from them. 

I maintain a vast network of people who have been working for healthcare reform – many of those on my list have been harmed by these drugs.  I would be more than happy to provide their names and contact information to you if you wish to interview any of them. 

One more point that I believe is essential to address is this -  until there is a scientifically validated diagnostic test to ascertain that a patient is suffering from a "serotonin imbalance", or any other “chemical imbalance in the brain”, this theory should not be allowed to be marketed to the public as fact. 

This is the lie I was told by our family doctor whom  I had trusted – that a chemical imbalance was the cause of my former husband’s suffering, and that my son, likewise, suffered from a chemical imbalance, and that a little magic pill would correct the “imbalance”. 

I wish I had been smart enough to ask for such a test.  How naïve I was to think my doctor was so experienced as to be able to provide a diagnosis based on a subjective interview - a mere whim.  

I am much wiser now…. but my newfound wisdom came at great personal cost and profound tragedy.

Cassandra Dawn Casey
(formerly, Dawn Rider)
Lehi, UT 

Mother of Kevin Neil Rider

Born:  October 2, 1985  Died:  June 2, 2000


Dear Senator Carraro,


I received an e-mail message that included the below information:

"Camille Mike is the mother of Sarina Cuoco who committed suicide while on psychiatric drugs last November. You can check her website out at

New Mexico State Senator Carraro has proposed a commission to investigate the link between antidepressants and suicide and make recommendations to the government based on their findings."

Senator, I am pleased to know that you are forming this commission. I am a licensed nurse. Recently I went to a local pharmacy and asked the pharmacist to print out for me a random selection of the most commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs -- including antidepressants.

I read the side effects of the drugs. No rational person can possibly consider those drugs to be "medicine" or to have anything to do with the ability to bring relief or healing to a person. The side effects alone convey the message that these drugs would more appropriately be considered POISON  --- instruments of cruelty and torture.

The so-called "doctors" (known as "psychiatrists") who prescribe these deadly concoctions remind me of the Nazi "doctors" who performed unethical experiments on their unfortunate captives.

Not only am I a licensed nurse, but I also am involved in criminal investigations. Some of the cases I have investigated involve the testimony of psychiatrists as expert witnesses. It is my personal knowledge that these people COMMIT PERJURY to wrongfully convict INNOCENT people. They charge thousands of dollars to lie on the witness stand. I will be happy to provide more information to you concerning this unethical and criminal practice. 

It is my personal opinion that ALL psychiatric drugs are poison  -- that they do not belong in the human body  --- and that anybody who practices psychiatry should be kept far away from any living human being and be considered a threat to society --- as violent criminals.

Please do form a commission to investigate the link between antidepressants and suicide  --- and the other disabling and life-threatening side effects of these ungodly concoctions  --- and the evident criminal activities of the "psychiatrists" who prescribe these poisons.

Very sincerely,
Debby Rabold
Effort, Pennsylvania


Ms Mike,

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your child. 

I pray that you are successful in your efforts to help prevent future tragedies for others, and, in that regard, hope that you and
New Mexico State Senator Carraro are successful with the proposed commission to investigate the link between antidepressants and suicide. "Sarina's Law" can not come soon enough to help us change how these destructive anti-depressants are being pushed on our society, especially our children.

Attached below are some references I have found illuminating on the subject, that I thought you and the Senator might be able to use.

Mark Pierret
Father of two children 

● 1:
Harvard study that concluded "youth receiving SSRI appear to be at risk for treatment emergent Psychiatric Adverse Events". 
● 2: "Prozac Backlash"  written by Joseph Glenmullen, a clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical school, who has his own practice and is on the staff at Harvard University Health Services.
Page 62-63: "… many patients with early, mild cases of the neurological side effects of serotonin boosters may go undetected.  Instead of diagnosing them early, patients will continue to be exposed to the drugs when this could have been prevented, just as happened with major tranquilizers.... In my experience consulting to patients who have been treated with these drugs, about 75% are able to dramatically reduce their dose or eliminate the drug altogether.  In light of these side effects, we should especially question how freely these drugs are being prescribed to children.  When major tranquilizers were in vogue, they were readily prescribed to children for mild anxiety, insomnia, or hyperactivity.  The drugs are no longer used in this way on children because they caused tics.  Current estimates are that serotonin boosters are being prescribed to over half a million children in this country, with pediatric use of the drugs one of the fastest-growing 'markets'.  This inspite of repeated studies showing antidepressants are no more effective in children and adolescents than placebos (see page 189 and 190 for examples)....How many people on a serotonin booster are silently developing tic disorders. How many others are incurring silent brain damage that could accelerate the aging process, even if they do not develop overt symptoms.
● 3:
Stress or depression can be detected by elevated levels of cortisol, yet one single 30mg dose of Prozac clearly doubles the level of cortisol. This should in the long run double the patient's stress and depression. But that is not the only detrimental effect of elevated cortisol levels. This can cause a multitude of serious physical and emotional adverse side effects. Giving these drugs to children is absolutely unconscionable for many reasons. One of the most obvious is that increased cortisol impairs the development and regeneration of the liver, kidney and muscles, as well as impairing linear growth.
● 4:
"No other society prescribes psychoactive medications to children the way we do. …. Europe and industrialized Asia use one-10th of what we do. Psychiatrists in those countries are perplexed and worried about trends in America. The use of psychoactive drugs other than Ritalin for preteen children is virtually unheard of outside this country....In my practice of behavioral pediatrics I regularly meet children under 13 on two psychiatric medications. But with three or four exceptions, none of these drugs, alone or in combination, has been shown to be effective for a specific psychiatric condition in children. ..."
● 5: Talking Back to Prozac. Peter Breggin, M.D. 1994.
Pg. 210  Put simply, the SSRIs are anti-empathic agents… That prozac and the other SSRIs blunt empathy may be the key to how they work at their best and at their worst. At their best, the person loses touch with himself or herself, becomes euphoric, and feels “better than ever.” That’s the ultimate Prozac cure.  At their worst, the drug blunts empathy so that the person no longer has sympathy for himself or herself, or for anyone else.  Then suicide and murder become possibilities.
Pg 33 Many psychoactive substances produce profound effects on people who have nothing wrong with their brains. 
● 6:  Letter to the Editor of  TIME Magazine, October 20, 1997, page 8. Candace B. Pert, Research Professor, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington;
    "I am alarmed at the monster that Johns Hopkins neuroscientist Solomon Snyder and I created when we discovered the simple binding assay for drug receptors 25 years ago. Prozac and other antidepressant serotonin-receptor-active compounds may also cause cardiovascular problems in some susceptible people after long-term use, which has become common practice despite the lack of safety studies. The public is being misinformed about the precision of these selective serotonin-uptake inhibitors when the medical profession oversimplifies their action in the brain and ignores the body as if it exists merely to carry the head around!  In short, these molecules of emotion regulate every aspect of our physiology.  A new paradigm has evolved, with implications that life-style changes such as diet and exercise can offer profound, safe and natural mood elevation."
● 7: Your Drug May be Your Problem. Peter Breggin MD and David Cohen, PhD.
Revised 2007; original 1999.
Advocates of psychiatric drugs often claim that the medications improve learning and the ability to benefit from psychotherapy, but the contrary is true.  There are no drugs that improve mental function, self understanding, or human relations.… this principle may best be understood in relation  to people who use so-called  recreational drugs.  Many individuals drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, or take other nonprescription drugs to “get through the day”, to “handle work stress”, or to “relate better.” When people stop using alcohol or street drugs long enough to recover somewhat from their effects, they are likely to discover that these psychoactive substances were actually retarding their ability to handle life. … This problem is tragically apparent in children who grow up on psychiatric drugs, such as stimulants and antidepressants, and who many never mature in a normal fashion.  Much like illicit psychoactive drugs, psychiatric medications can retard the psychological and social development of children.
● 8. Prozac: Panacea or Pandora. Ann Blake Tracy, PhD. Revised 2001: original 1991.
Preface: While the use of Ritalin increased in children 6 and under by 23% between 1995 and 1999, the use of the Prozac family of drugs increased in the same age group by a staggering 580% …
Page 51:  In a report from the World Health Organization, we are advised that one of every four people who die in a hospital is killed by the drugs he or she is prescribed…. Is Prozac proving to be one of the cures which is killing as many or even more as the disease for which it is prescribed? Is it really the “wonder drug” it has been promoted to be or is it the Thalidomide of the 90s, the “Mothers Little Helper” of the 90’s, the LSD of the 90’s, or even worse?  And the reason we must pose the question about Prozac being the LSD of the 90’s is at the very least threefold. Number one, it is patented and manufactured by the same pharmaceutical company who gave us LSD, Ely Lily.  Number two, the advertising campaign and promotional push for the two drugs has been extremely similar. Number three, the target in the brain for both Prozac and LSD is the neurotransmitter, serotonin …
● 9.  by Simon Sobo, M.D.
The nature versus nurture controversy is not new and the controversy is far from over, but supporters of the nature viewpoint have found a particularly appealing way to present mental illness. Axis I disorders are boldly portrayed as "chemical imbalances" in patient brochures, news articles and other educational materials.  The problem with this portrayal is that, while some day we may accumulate the knowledge to demonstrate the particulars of this perspective, no such chemical imbalances have been unequivocally demonstrated for any disorder.
● 10.
Antidepressants Under Scrutiny Over Efficacy. By DAVID ARMSTRONG and KEITH J. WINSTEIN.
“The effectiveness of a dozen popular antidepressants has been exaggerated by selective publication of favorable results, according to a review of unpublished data submitted to the Food and Drug Administration.  As a result, doctors and patients are getting a distorted view of how well blockbuster antidepressants like Wyeth's Effexor and Pfizer Inc.'s Zoloft really work, researchers asserted in this week's New England Journal of Medicine.”


Senate letter of support,

Here is a summary of my son's demise:

Aaron began on antidepressants at age 15 under the "care" of a pediatric psychiatrist.  It's been so long ago, I can't remember the first SSRI he received.  Over the course of ten (10) years and approximately four (4) different psychiatrists, none of whom had the time to "TALK" to my son, they would only see him for about ten (10) minutes and hand him another prescription.

Here is a list of antidepressants that I KNOW Aaron was on at one time or another from age fifteen (15) until his death at the age of twenty-five (25).  There are also some meds I didn't know the name of, I just know that he carried a backpack at one point, full of medications .... HOW SAD IS THAT!

Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Luvox, Buspar, Serzone, Remeron (I think).

He was also diagnosed with OCD at some point and put on RITALIN.  the last SSRI he was on EFFEXOR, the supposed "miracle" drug put him in the hospital for two (2) weeks with:

This was my formerly HEALTHY young son.  My son was quite an intelligent and talented young man, he graduated from Youth Performing Arts School, a musician, he played the piano, guitar, and saxophone.  He wrote and sang beautiful music.  He attended Bellarmine College (now University) and graduated in 2000 with a BA degree; all the while working two (2) part-time jobs and playing music.
Over the years I saw his demeanor go on a roller coaster ride depending on the doctor's antidepressant of choice.  Aaron told me finally that these medicines were destroying his brain (how strangely accurate was this).  During about the last three (3) years of his life, he suffered several episodes where he would get totally off the meds and he even admitted himself to the psych ward of a local hospital at one point, he was there for a week (being treated with what else, more SSRI's).  He went through an episode of "anorexia" , quit eating and lost 60 lbs in two (2) months.

The final straw was the Effexor episode, when he came out of the hospital and told me he wa not going to take another anti-depressant.
Unfortunately I did not find out until after his death that going cold turkey off of these POISONS will throw your brain into shock.

Aaron had been off of EFFEXOR for about six, (6)months, but he complained that he could no longer "think", carry on a conversation or
enjoy himself with his friends.  He suffered paranoia episodes (something he NEVER had before SSRIs) and he used to hold his head and
plead, "please make the voices stop".

He was obsessed with thoughts of SUICIDE and on more than one occasion, he tried to off himself - HE TOLD ME. I tried to help him but I felt SO HELPLESS.  I would talk to him every night on the phone, I didn't know what to do or where to go.

Then on Saturday, November 7, 2003, we had lunch together and he had a strange FLAT, sad appearance on his face (later I found out this was a type of brain damage caused by SSRIs).  He hugged me and I told him I loved him so much.  On Sunday, November 8, 2003, he tried to call me on my cell phone. For some reason, I never got the call.  My son disappeared.  I searched for him for one (1) week. I prayed, I begged GOD to let me find him.

On Sunday November 14, 2003 - I did find him.  He had pulled his car into a garage at some rental property we own and had gone to SLEEP.  He finally found his peace.


Glenna L. Todovich

Proud, Loving Mother of Aaron David Todovich


Dear Camille:

Please let me begin by saying my sincere condolences to you for your loss.  There are no words to express what you are going through or words to express our sadness for you and your loss. I submit this letter to you in an effort to help you with your cause.

I am a walking testimony to the effects of Prozac.  Back in 2004 I attempted to take my life.  I was unsuccessful, thank God, having been found by one of my friends who came by my house that day and came in my front door when I did not answer the door, looking for me. 

I was not depressed when I went to my doctor. I was "out of sorts."  My doctor made no attempts to find out why I was having mood swings and my mind was racing. It took me years to figure out what happened. 

I had a good job, a nice house, I was in no bad relationships, and life should have been just dandy.   What happened to me?  Prozac, that is what happened to me.  When I look back I realize that part of my feeling "out of sorts" was probably caused by several key factors: Depo-pravera, a horrific upbringing riddled with abuse that had never been dealt with, and, yes, minor mental problems (distortional thinking) that could have been dealt with by a psychologist and behavioral therapy.  None of which required Antidepressants and none of which require Antidepressants to this date.

Depo-pravera, a drug which I was on for 13 years, to keep Endometriosis suppressed, was a huge contributory factor in my "out of sorts" feeling.  Secondly I had a horrific violently abusive upbringing that had never been dealt with.  I ran away when I was 12 years old and never looked back. I had never dealt with the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which I suffered.  I am not very fond of certain diagnosis having learned from my psychiatrist that the diagnosis does not have to be specific for a person to be helped, which was the case with me since I was DSMV manual "unclassified mood disorder" diagnosis so they didn't know what to do with me.  I found that out way later on, way after this GP prescribed me Prozac without ever even getting me to a psychologist.

Depo-provera is one of those "duel drugs."  The ones that come out for one purpose and are used to treat other purposes.  After the fact (my suicide attempt) and after intense research I realized that this drug causes mood disorders and physically problems, some of which are not reversible. 

If my doctor would have bothered to look a little deeper he would have seen that I was taking  Depo-pravera, and had been for a long time, and known its side effects.  He would have began by getting me off that drug.  He then would have asked me a few questions, including about my upbringing since it so relevant to a lot of people who have mental problems.  If he had taken these few small steps he would have saved a world of grief for me, my family, my friends, my coworkers, my loved ones and on down the line. 

He would have realize that I was self-medicating with alcohol to wash away the feeling of uncleanness, guilt, and hatred from a very very abusive upbringing, and would have suggest a behavioral therapist or psychologist instead of carte blanche putting me on Prozac and Ambien.  I was drinking the day I went into that appointment and he never even said a word. There is no way he could not have known that I was drunk and no way he could not have smelled the alcohol on my breath.  I was two sheets to the wind that day.  I had been drinking all morning. 

He never-the-less prescribed to me Ambien and Prozac.  WOW!!  Talk about a lethal concoction!!  Alcohol, Ambien, and Prozac.  That does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that one.  I told him I did not feel depressed.  My life was good.  I was just having problems with my thought process and my life and I was in a funk of "get up, drink some coffee, go to work, come home, get up, drink some coffee, go to work, come home."  Everything seemed really bland.  Nothing was exciting anymore even though I was still laughing at times and having fun. 

He told me that is exactly what depression is and gave me Prozac for the depression and Ambien to sleep.  I cannot even explain to you the effects those medicine had on me, especially Prozac.   I was grateful for Ambien helping me to sleep but I ended up using it to attempt what Prozac put in my mind, suicide.  Prozac really did nothing for me, I noticed no difference, no size effects, no change in the way I felt.  However, my mind was changing, I was beginning to think differently, and when I look back now I realize that it actually began a depression in me that became very severe and the drug took away the inhibition to take my life. I became infatuated with suicide while on that drug.  Life was hum drummer, even worse that it had been without the drug.   Everything just looked kind of Gray and it all did not make any sense since everything was going so well in my life.

I did not know where to turn, what to do.  I just kept taking the drug, and I just kept getting worse, more suicidal thoughts, more mood swings, and now I was drinking every single day (accept for during the days when I was at work).  Every night and all weekend all day and night.  Now I had two problems.  Life was Gray and I was an alcoholic.  I knew I was going nuts but did not know what to do about it.  I also could not stop drinking now.  I did not know that Prozac was increasing/adding to the problems that were going on in my mind and I did not contemplate suicide seriously until that drug.  Yes, I had thrown it around in my head a couple of times, I think every now and then people think to themselves "wouldn't it just be easier to just throw in the towel."  But that thought and the actual thought of suicide, and the entertaining of the thought to fruition are two totally different things.  Prozac caused the later. I am sure of it.

Like I said, I did not realize it was the Prozac, at the time, because at that time these studies were very small and the general public was not very aware of this. For months I planned on how to take my life until I figured out what I thought was the perfect, fastest, easiest, most effective, and cleanest way to accomplish it.  I did not tell anyone.  I did not want pity. I just wanted out. I left no note and it was a miracle from God that I was found and I live to this day to tell about it. 

I was already dead when I was found but my friend instituted CPR right away, having previously been a paramedic, and he found me in enough time to keep me breathing and my heart going until the paramedics got there.  They kept my body going until I got to the hospital.  They worked on me for an hour in the hospital trying to save me, I had to have a heart rub, the drugs, and the whole nine yards, and eventually their efforts paid off. 

I went through two incarcerations at a mental institute and a nightmare of trying to get my life together post a suicide attempt.  It was not fun and it didn't have to happen.  If they would just have gotten me to a psychologist and a behavioral therapist to begin with all of it could have been headed off at the pass and saved me and all of the loved ones around me a lot of terrible horrible heart ache, not to mention the damage it did to my physical body and mental state of mind.

I sold my house and I used the money to go into behavioral therapy with a psychologist and learned how to start reading books and listening to audio CD's in my car and to change the way I think and to set boundaries.  I am a living testimony that drugs are not needed in some cases (they say about 90%) to help those with certain mental disorders.  I apply the behavioral therapies I have learned when my mind tries to tell me what to do.  I have learned how to reprogram it and what to do in my thinking process and when.  I have learned what kind of people will never be a part of my life.  And I have learned boundaries with interpersonal relationships, and now I can live, and live free.  I am finally at peace with my situation and others are at peace with me.  I have true friendships and relationships and am healthy. All, without their drugs.  They put me on everything under the sun when I got out of the mental institute, and while I was in it, and I ended up doing a second round because I was more insane going out than coming in from their Serequil, Cymbalta, Paxal, Zoloft and on and on and on. I was on some many different medications I could not even see straight.  I was passing out, freaking out, crying, and the like.  I was absolutely out of my mind on their meds.  It was at that time that I decided I would pay more attention to the "stinking thinking" theory the second time around, in the mental ward, and figure out how to live without their drugs.

Like I said, I then sold my house, went into to intensive therapy and leaned the things I needed to know to live life as a health individual.  Things that most people just take for granted in their lives. That their thinking is ok.  Some people were never given the opportunity to think as a child, or were not born with proper thinking.  They need to be taught.

I know that there are people that have to take these meds, I saw such people in the mental institute, they cannot be changed with behavioral therapy.  However, 90-95% of the people incarcerated with me just needed a good psychologist (someone to listen), a good sleeping pattern (to get enough sleep every night, and have a "go to bed" and "wake up" set time), and to be taught how to rethink and establish boundaries.

I have been praying, and will keep on praying, that they are forced to make new drugs with less dangerous side effects.  I pray that the government would hold a higher standard to the side effects.  They must be forced to figure out how to get rid of the negative side effects, including the cardiac and physical side effects or their drug can't come out on the market.  This is for those that actually need the drugs. 

My second prayer is that doctors would be held to some sort of protocol before they are allowed to prescribe Antidepressants.  #1 no GP should be able to do so.  He has to refer to a psychiatrist to do so. #2 no Psychiatrist can do so until he has met the protocol of having them go through behavioral classes, rethinking programs, support groups, drug rehabs with a professional (not the CNA's they had in our mental facility), et al.  Protocol sheets that have to be met before they can even dare to prescribe an Antidepressant.  #3 all Antidepressants with side effects of suicide should be pulled off the market as soon as doctor's have had a chance to wean their patients and get them on a different Antidepressant, and pulled off the market permanently until the drug companies can figure out how to take that molecule out or whatever.  

God speed to you in your efforts.  I pray that God can use this email for your purpose and that He would bring all of the darkness to light about these drugs and the prescribing doctors and these drugs would be exposed and these doctors who have prescribed them, prescribed them as though they were ordinary average medications. Only God truly can see, and I believe He does.  I believe change will be coming.  Keep praying.

Respectfully yours,

Tina Cattani
Reno, NV  89509


I was given your addy, to show you aren`t alone in the support of an investigation into how psych medicines are so detrimental to the health of our children. My daughter has been labeled, and said to have ADHD and 6 mths later it becomes Bi-Polar, and then back to ADHD. When my daughter went into social services care, it was done with the promise I would not lose her, and
always have contact with her when I wanted. Others abuse of my daughter, caused her to behave badly and act out, I tried for almost 2 yrs to help her, I was led to believe it was a mental illness, she was put on Remeron, Effexor XR and still the behaviors
continued. No matter what was ordered or what others tried to do nothing seemed to work. When the truth came about in Nov 2004, and IL DCFS was called and the family who was doing the abuse was investigated, it was found that they had given my
daughter who at the time of her behaviors was only 12 yrs old (2002), I learned they were giving her drugs, alcohol and possible sexual exploitation on the internet, that is what was in the DCFS report. All of these things would have caused my daughter`s behaviors, I can`t explain why she did it, and the way it has turned out probably never will get the truth out.
My daughter has a history of seizures since she was 2 1/2 yrs old, now in state`s care she is labeled like I said before, when she was growing up all she required was a seizure med--in state cares she is put on seroquel, topamax, lithium, and prozac--her seizure disorder isn`t even looked at, they tell me she has only spells, even with YEARS of DOCUMENTATION, its all
She is now 18, she isn`t allowed still to come home, I have never been told I am guilty of anything. And ontop of all of that, the abuses they said she endured also went away, so the family who did this to my daughter is free. And now she is abused by the agency who told me they were their to protect her and make her better. I can`t fight the system, I haven`t the money, but if
others come together, we can get more info on how they do what they do--the current system doesn`t work. I have heard my daughter say she wishes she was dead, I have seen scars on her wrists when she tried to cut them.
Its so very hard to live day to day, fighting a fight that seems endless, because nobody will help who can, all of us who ask for others to help can`t be all wrong, I know its the truth I have lived it now since Dec 2002--I think its too late for my daughter but
somebody needs to stop this medicating of our children with medicines that we don`t even know how will effect them in the future, meds not even made for children, I think the recent shootings and the prior school shootings, should say something about all of this. The stories are all over, I recieve many news alerts from all over the USA, the stories that are sent are so bad and so sad. Part of the problem is the money trail, and in psych meds, its a multi billion dollar industry, and much of these meds are given to many foster care children. But its really hard to get the totals, it is all hushed hushed. In fact in all social services business its hushed hushed. The things they do need to be more public, this would greatly help, right now a lot is not reported.

I hope this helped in your quest for an investigation.
Carla Illinois
``Love is like playing the piano, first you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from the heart!!``




Please know that you have my unending and complete support in your efforts to get this law passed.  As an adult who was on antidepressants for 11 yrs., I can tell you that ALL of my mental & physical symptoms evaporated once I had stopped taking these drugs, although I continue to live with an ever present feeling of being “disconnected” from time to time.

I often think about the many “cures” used throughout history to treat mental illness, and know in my heart that if we continue this fight, some day history will show these drugs are as barbaric as many “cures” of the past.  And the fact that doctors are dispensing them like candy should be criminal.

Good luck & God Bless You.

Diana Chalmers


Dear Sirs,

Even this letter reaches you late, I hope it will make a difference.

My son, Matthew died four years ago from suicide while he was on anti-depressant, Zoloft. He was an university student and a very fine young man.

I totally support your effort towards the investigation on the link between antidepressant and suicide. Too many parents are grieving over the death of their children while they were on antidepressant. I do not want to see any more mother going through the agony of losing a chile like me.

Thank you for your dedication and great effort towards this IMPORTANT issue. You may be saving thousands of lives. God bless you.


Barbra Dong


First of all, I would like to express my sincerest condolences to you and your family.  I know first hand of the danger of anti-depressant medication.  The following is a journal entry that I wrote on January 7, 2004. 
On Sunday night I thought I was losing my mind. I thought, this is what people mean when they say they are having a break down. Of course, I wasn't losing my mind, but that episode led me to do some extensive research involving many medical journals and medical websites. Thank God I did.

I have determined, from what I have read (which were very reliable resources), that I am suffering from Serotonin Syndrome. It is a very rare condition, but real nonetheless.

Apparently, there are certain drugs that should not be mixed together, for risk of toxic interactions. As I said, this is a rare condition; only 2% of the population has been documented to have suffered from this. Of course, as we all know, many people don't go to the doctor to get diagnosed anyway, so the number could be higher. I'm not mad at my doctor...he just didn't know. But all 3 of my antidepressants have the potential to contraindicate each other, leading to a toxic level of serotonin in the brain.

I've know for over 2 months now that something wasn't right. I just wasn't getting any better. In fact, as each new med was added and dosages were increased, I became even MORE depressed. This of course, is one of the symptoms of SS. There are many symptoms, and not everyone experiences all the symptoms of course. The symptoms that I am experiencing are: severe headaches, severe mood swings (similar to bipolar), high blood pressure, increased bruising, muscle rigidity (which helps to explain all the pain I've been in lately), weak ankles, feeling "spaced-out", body aches, flu-like symptoms, confusion, gastrointestinal problems, etc. I know I'm leaving something out...I just can't remember everything right now.

One of the biggest symptoms that I had (which led me to believe something was wrong), was the severity of insomnia that I have had in the past few weeks. First of all, please don't think I have relapsed back into my drug habit, because I have not, but even after taking countless sleeping aids, muscle relaxers, etc. I still could not fall asleep. I wouldn't even get drowsy! This happened overnight. If you remember from a previous entry, one muscle relaxer would knock me out within 5 minutes of ingesting it.

Monday was the first day without Paxil and Buspar. I'm remaining on Wellbutrin until I see my psychiatrist on the 31st and discuss this with her. Tuesday night I slept like a log. Coincidence? I think not. Once the drugs began to leave my system, my sleep patterns are slowly trying to restore themselves. So today is day 3. According to all of the literature that I've read, today should be the worst day. I've already become a real bitch to be around. The mood swings are normal, however, and my family is being very supportive of me right now. The headaches are a bitch. My entire head, face, and neck throb in pain. The body aches are bad too. Earlier this afternoon, it hurt so bad that I couldn't even roll over on the bed. I had to lie perfectly still. They say the first week is the worst for withdrawal symptoms. Then, it usually takes about 5 weeks for the drugs to be fully out of your symptom.

I'm so relieved to finally know what was/is wrong with me. This week has already been hard on me and I expect it to get worse before it gets better, but I'm taking it in stride. I must do this to get better. So I'm dealing with it with a surprisingly good attitude. I'm thankful I'm not in the 18% of patients who fall unconscious, slip into a coma and die. 82% of the patients fully recover. I'm awake, so I believe I will be just fine. :-)

Please keep me in your prayers, however. Prayers always help! In many ways, this is like detox all over again, except this time I am purging my body of "legal, prescribed" drugs. Since I went through something similar to this about 3 months ago, I am more prepared for it. That helps a lot.

When my sister was 17 years old, she sought treatment for her depression and was immediately (on the FIRST visit) diagnosed with the following:  She has bipolar disorder with mixed episodes, borderline personality disorder, bulimia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They put her on some new meds (if I remember correctly they included, Prozac, Effexor XR, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Klonopin, and Lithium).  ALL at one time!!!  My sister began to exhibit the following symptoms:  "medicines that made her worse and behave very violently, her total lack of respect for her body, her family, God, you name it. She inflicts pain on herself. Because she thinks she deserves it. My parents were at the end of their ropes. Our entire family and doctor have told her that she needs to check herself into a hospital. She refused, threatened our lives and her own, etc. My dad thought he was going to have a heart attack because she has been so violent. My mom couldn't even go in to work today because she couldn't stop crying. She said, she felt like if things didn't change that she was going to have a breakdown. I drove to my sister's place of employment and convinced her to take a leave her absence and get treatment. She finally agreed." 

I finally got my sister to see a new psychiatrist who immediately took her off of the majority of her medications.  Now, 4 years later, the only thing she has to take occasionally is Klonopin for her anxiety attacks. 

I hope that by revealing my personal experiences with the dangers of antidepressants that something will be done about the frequency in which they are prescribed.  Every time you go to the doctor with some complaint, he hands you a prescription for an antidepressant!  I think the doctors are getting kick backs from the drug companies for the number of prescriptions they write.  Surely all doctors don't think an antidepressant is going to treat every single thing you complain of!

I hope this letter helps you and I hope you find healing for yourself as well.  That is such a terrible unwarranted tragedy that you have suffered through.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Michelle Mayes


January 23, 2008

Dear Senator Carraro:

It is of great respect that I write you and support your investigation into the dangerous side effects of antidepressants.  There are horror stories to be told which are attributable to the use of these powerful medications.  Children, Teens, and Adults have experienced side effects to these medications which have resulted in homicide or suicides.

SM9 (Senate Memorial 9) is to become Sarina's Voice Memorial Act. I urge you and all the Senators to please vote "yes," pass this Memorial and make certain Sarina's name is attached to it.  Sarina is a voice for all lives lost as a result of adverse reactions to these medications.

We have children, youth, and adults who as a result of adverse reaction to these medications are sitting in prison right now.  Sadly, these children were tried and sentenced as an adult resulting in long adult prison sentences in adult prison.  Sadly, these adults were looking for help which didn't come.

It varies from state to state as to how these crimes are prosecuted.  It seems our youth receive harsher sentences than the adult for the same crime committed. Why would we convict a person who was suffering from depression, prescribed an antidepressant, and suffer adverse reactions?  Why aren't the doctors more accountable in advising the patient of the side effects, monitoring the patients progress, and recommending alternative treatment?  Why aren't the drug companies held more accountable?  One particular case involved a 12 year old boy who was suffering from depression, prescribed one antidepressant, then another on top of the original one.  It is my understanding the drug company's lawyer provided the evaluating psychologist with information long before this case went to trial, why?  The drug company provided the prosecutors with a litigation manual? Why?  They were willing to sacrifice a child for all of this?  In the 2004 annual report of the drug company, it clearly states "zoloft is not approved for pediatric depression," (page 11, "Pfizer Inc. Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders, Proxy Statement, and 2004 Financial Report." It also discusses the recommendation for a black box warning regarding the increase risk of suicidal behavior in children and adolescents.  It is heartbreaking when you take your child to the doctor, you trust their recommendations, follow the directions, and within two weeks your child is gone -- a victim of suicide.  It is horrible, some setting themselves on fire, hanging themselves, or shooting themselves. 

Another issue is placing foster kids on multiple medications, why?  Sometimes they are the guinea pigs.  

I beg you to thoroughly investigate these medications.  Please go view "Prescription Suicide, I have been distributing this film within my community.  It is my hope to bring about an awareness of the dangers of these medications.  They can help some, and be harmful to others. Please read this,

Thank you for reading my letter, for conducting this investigation, and I sincerely hope you can help those in prison and help prevent future suicides and homicides.

Patricia Williams


To Whom it May Concern,

I wish to thank Senator Joseph Carraro for all the hard work and support for the SM9 Memorial.
I have been kept up to date by Camille Milke these past weeks and her mission to stop any further young people suiciding
as a result of of prescribed Suicide-causing Anti Depressants handed out like candy by some doctors.
This is not just a problem in the USA but also in my Country as well. These drugs need to be abolished as soon as possible.

There is a real urgency for this Memorial to be passed and the continuing work to proceed to save the young people.
As Camille has worked so hard on this cause following the death of her precious daughter  that I feel it fitting that eventually the Memorial and Task Force should bear the name of Sarina's Law.

My thanks for all the hard work involved as this could save many young lives in the future.

Yours faithfully

Lynne Olson
Auckland 2025
New Zealand

Mum to Peter Raymond Ellwood  30 March 1967 - 03 March 2001
    and Tony Trevheron Ellwood  21 July 1964 - 17 December 2001

Both Suicide by Carbon Monoxide due to severe depression through broken relationships.

At peace with the World and themselves


Dear Senator Carraro,

   In 1990, my wife of 12 years was given Nardil, an older Maoi antidepressant for postpartum depression. Within 2 weeks, my wife was scaring me. I was afraid to go to sleep near her and I was afraid to leave our chidren alone with her. This nightmare lasted for 2 years and the only way that I could protect our children and me was to tell everyone that I was afraid she was going to kill us. She has now been taking "antidepressants", mostly SSRIs, for 17 years of "postpartum depression"

  In 1992,with the help of the Provincial Health Minister (Alberta, Canada) I met with my wife's 2 family doctors, 2 therapists and her psychiatrist. to tell them of my concerns.  As I walked out of the therapists' office after listening to them say EXACTLY the same as the doctors and psychiatrist... that "the drugs don't do that", I realized that it was not just MY problem.

  This is a GLOBAL problem that is destroying the USA. Since 1991, I have collected little known facts about how drug companies work.

   At this time, a medical student's education is 40% financed by drug companies. Our universities now depend on drug money to teach our children.

  Drug advertising budgets are nearly 3 times what the R&D budgets for the drugs are.

  It's a fact that drug companies make substantial campaign contributions to politicians.

  Drug companies control the clinical trials and their substantial "gifts" to directors of the FDA gives them incredible influence over the drug approval process.

  The USA is one of only 2 countries in the world that allows Direct to Consumer advertising.

  So now, the USA is 4% of the world's population and consumes nearly 50% of the world's prescription drugs.

  The SSRI/SNRI "antidepressant"drugs are the deadliest drugs ever produced. They are the only class of prescription drugs that require a warning from Health Canada that users may become SUICIDAL and HOMICIDAL !!

  More than 70 million Americans take a daily prescription drug. And 40% of those daily pill poppers (28 million) are taking 5 or more daily prescription drugs. SSRI/SNRI antidepressants are involved in almost all of this.

  The end result of this is that as Americans spend more and more money on "health care", the average American's lifespan is decreasing.

  Psychotropic drugs have now become the cash cows for the drug companies. About 70% of psych drug users are adult women. Men account for 15% with the rest being used by children.

  But, the adult market is saturated and now drug companies are targeting children for more and more psych drug use. Just ask for the records of children in foster care facilities and take note of just how many psych drugs these kids are forced to take.

  According to drug companies, American children are "mentally ill" and with "screening" them early in life we can "help" them with psych drugs.

  Will you please help stop this nightmare ?

             Tim Casey

            Lehi, Utah


hello   sorry for your lose   so very sad.  that's for doing something to stop this.
  my name is Lynn griffin,Dixon springs tn  55 yr. old male
i have been on different anti depression meds for a few yrs.  maybe parts of 6 or 7 yrs.
  i was put on effexor after i wasn't helped by others.  when i started and i am not sure about the days i was on it,but i think about 2-4 days  all of a sudden i got so very depressed. i remember wanting to roll up into a ball. the feeling i really can't describe. i was at my daughters house,and my wife said lets go shopping.  well i didn't want to do that,but i had to do something,because i was getting so very depressed.  almost the whole trip..about 6 hr. i was out of my mind with depression.  i than understood how people kill themselves after that drug.  i came off the drug as soon as i told my therapist.
the thing i don't understand is why it is on the market?  i have been in the yahoo depression group for about 2-1/2 yrs.    i have heard more bad talk about that drug than all the rest of them put together.  THAT DRUG MAKER HAS TO KNOW!!!!!   AND STILL GO AND HELP KILL SO MANY!   SOMEONE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL!  and please throw away the key.
  keep selling this drug so these rotten S.O.B.'s can make money?
if i knew how bad this drug about those making it?         KILLERS!!!!
the same as putting a gun to someones head,only how many have to die?
  100's  maybe 1000's dead, good ,nice, and kind people.  people that are on these depression meds are some of the nicest people in the world.
  any thing i can do to stop these jerks let me know!
oh by the way...i missed the most important thing about depressed people,we are the most honest people in the world.   just the way it is.
  one more thing..i have got much better without drugs.  i got better by listening to cd's from the midwest center for depression and axiety  1-800-944-9460
  these people know how to heal depression!   also i believe therapy helped me.
the real secret is when you find happiness in yourself.
while you are at these drug co.   why not fix the real problem. lets stop the killings in schools and people going postal.   i am sure i know how.   i was close to going postal,and i am such a mellow kind person.  starts with teaching in schools while kids are very young. but i have other ideas,if i can get any one to listen.  i have a dream to almost stop all this crap...without drugs.  you can tell i can't write,but i got a heart,because i know the hurt of depression
  i won  no more of that dark tunnel for me


To Senator Carraro and the entire New Mexico Legislature:

This letter is to let you know that I totally support Senate Memorial 9, and Camille Milke's petition to get deadly SSRI Antidepressants banned from the market.  How many pointless, tragic deaths will we as a  society have to endure before we are willing to take responsibility for the horrible mistake these drugs represent?  Please do whatever is necessary to ban them from distribution.... the lives of our youth and our fellow citizens depend on it.

My sincere condolences to Camille on the loss of your lovely daughter Sarina.  Please know we support you in this noble quest.

David Stewart
Albuquerque, NM 87123


Dear Camille and Amy,

First, please let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your daughter, Sarina, and for the suffering that both of you have gone through.  Secondly, my respect and admiration go out to you for the journey you are on to get such a bill passed.  There appears to be so much evil between the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies surrounding these drugs and this is an excellent step in the right direction. 

I recently emailed the following message to Fox News and Douglas Kennedy after I saw his report on an Antidepressant Scandal -- I so believe that this is truth.  I am copying my email into this message to support your efforts and to communicate my beliefs -- and to try and help my brother as well.


Dear Fox News and Douglas Kennedy,

Your reporting on the hidden truth about anti-depressant drugs is so necessary and important.  It is right on point with my own personal research surrounding this issue.  My interest has recently been ignited by learning that the pharmaceutical industry makes $200 million a day on anti-depressant drugs. 

Yet more importantly, I have a younger brother, 32 years old, who suffers from an ongoing 15 year struggle with various forms of these drugs, which I believe, have planted him in a life of depression that he can not escape.  My brother has dangerously tried numerous times to take himself off of these medications.  Why?  Every time he tells his doctor they aren't working, his dose is either increased or he is prescribed yet another new medication.  In all honesty, I feel fortunate that he is still alive, yet hopeless as I try to align myself with him to have hope.  I've encouraged him to try a slower withdrawal from Effexor this time around, in addition to guidance from an alternative path . . . through following the guidance in "Help!  I Can't Get Off My Antidepressant!" by Dr. Ann Blake Tracy.

Only recently, through finding Dr. Ann Blake Tracy and her book, Prozac:  Panacea or Pandora - Our Serotonin Nightmare, have I realized what a twisted epidemic these drugs have created in the world of mental illness.  There is so much to be uncovered -- or more so, connected -- with these drugs.  In my opinion, one of the most critical highlights is the damage that these drugs can do to teenagers and young adults in relation to suicide and violence. 

Thank you for representing so many voices who have and continue to be poisoned by this drug scandal.  I encourage your network to continue down this path -- perhaps a series on this issue that would focus on the need for further exposure and information for all.

Shanann Bragg


I am a survivor of "Soviet-style Psychiatric Terrorism" or "Trauma-Based Mind control, "Suicidal Ideology", "Suicidal Programming".  Since I am neither mentally ill or ever tried to commit suicide.  I feel that the corrupt and psychopath psychiatrists have known the truth for years.  I say this because what has been put in the defrauded records.  One psych nurse stated on the radio that they had knowingly lied about the evil killer psychiatric drugs for years.  Every 3 - 4 years there would be some type of excuse made as to why those involved in the conspiracy had to kidnap, take me hostage, for more mind control.  It takes place over Birthdays, Holidays, the same month same day different year is used, and so has the number 13 been involved in some way. 

I know there has to be some definite connection because they are continually demanding to be able to drug me up.  These people keep demanding that I tried to, wanted to, or need to kill myself.  At many levels of the state of Illinois and etc. the violence, homicidal activity, and illegal forced drugging is covered up. We do not get any honest investigations.  They refuse to prosecute these cold-blooded killers.
They feel they can apply false labels, brainwashing that we should have EEG's and allow ourselves to be drugged so we can get back with abusive family members.
Much of psychiatry is pure insanity and criminal activity.  There is not any help or support in these hellholes.  It is cruel, inhumane, degrading, treatment and punishment and forms of torture.  They call false emergencies so they can use Mob Action, Mob Mentality, Mob Rules, Kangaroo Court, and act as Judge, Jury, and Executioner.  There is nothing healthy involving what takes place in these hellholes.  They feel they can rip off insurance companies, government which is the taxpayers, and the hostage for thousands and thousands of dollars for their own insanity and a pack of lies, false petitions, defrauded records.  They demand they are above the law and can do whatever they want.  The lady at the Illinois Attorney General's Office told me that these people cannot be prosecuted.  The Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulations refuse to do anything with these sick, twisted, and perverted bald-faced liars.  The lunatics are attending the asylum.  It does go under "Unspeakable Crimes Against Humanity"

Corrupt psychiatrists feel they can cater to abusers.  They feel they can tell us that the abusers can do whatever they want to us and there is nothing that we can do about it.  Mommie Dearest was named my "Checkmate".  What goes on in these hellholes is exactly what takes place outside of them.  They push the hostages to the edge and demand that they go over.  It is nothing but pure insanity and they refuse to stop when told to stop.  Not only are they into violence but they also promote violence.  Fear, terror, and violence
They have no qualms about ruining one's life or everything that he/she ever worked for.  "Divide & Conquer", and if one has any support they feel they can run them out and demand complete control. 

High Extortion- when they create problems and then demand to be able to get paid for the so-called solution.  When in truth it is "Enterprise Corruption" and "Racketeering".  They do not have any solution for any of society's problems because they are trouble makers.   I know that not all psychiatrists are corrupt and rotten to the core.  Actually they have their mind rape, mind altering, and potent drugs they claim keep the brainwashing together.  Actually the potent  drugs will make one walk the floor, climb the walls, and then collapse and then start all over again and again.  Actually when they take their delusional and psychotic hands off they have shattered our lives and demand that we be at rock bottom.  It is important for them that we do not make it.

"Serial Killers" demand to be able to separate themselves from their crimes. What they illegally demand is that their thoughts be our thoughts.  That we think the way that they demand us to think so they can separate themselves from their homicidal activity.  They refuse to take responsibility for their own criminal and illegal activities.
They illegally demand that we are going to tell things differently than what they happened in reality.  Then they falsely claim that we need "Continued Reality Testing".  Much of psychiatry is a con game, mad doctoring, sham, wicked witchcraft, pseudo science, etc.  Much of it is about "Bedlam", money, power, greed, control, Religion, perks, and kickbacks.  Everyone is ok but the victim/target/"Victim of Violent Crime".

In my case around $8900 (insurance), over $50,000 (insurance), then $3740 and they were demanding to be able to go $374 for 90 more days.  They thought that I had insurance the last time and I refused to pay the bill.  The corrupt and those involved in conspiracy feel they can take criminal activity and make it into a fake illness.
They feel they can demand that we look at them as heroes instead of the cold-blooded killers they are.  No matter how hard we work on issues in presenting our case the state feels they can lie and over up the homicidal activity.  I could not find a lawyer to take my case and I do not have a lot of money.  Many people will laugh in your face including psychiatrists who are narcissistic.  One does not know if he/she is living in Nazi Germany, Red Russia, or Communist China because it is that insane and deadly.  If one tries to make a move for help or support they will drug the hostage up and knock them out with potent drugs.  I call the beds "Death Beds".
The last time I even had an asthma attack and they would not allow me to have any medication.  Then I had a horrible headache the next day from all the stress and insanity.  They are so delusional, psychotic, and have "Delusional Type Persecutory Disorder". One is never well enough, honest enough, or good enough.  There is always some BS reason why they will not take their delusional, psychotic, and paranoid hands off us.  The long stays are not because one has any illness, but it is all about brainwashing.  They always act like they are the victim always blaming everything on the hostage when they are the troublemakers.  "Hit & Run" 

Whatever does not fit their concocted story they feel they can throw out.  I have lived under security since March 1989 and they feel they can throw out the alarm readout and change the time that I got home on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2001, the night someone allegedly came into my alarmed home and poked holes in my gas stove connector.  The predators feel they can give us information and then kidnap, hold hostage, demand that they be able to force feed the evil killer psychiatric drugs, and then demand false confessions.  They feel they can constantly demonize us and have us put under constant pressure hoping that we crack up.  When one sees the defrauded records it either appears that they have voices in their heads, or answer their own questions.  The corrupt feel they can tell us that we have to keep these fraudulent records our real history.

I have been seeing a nurse practitioner that feels she can defraud records and seek revenge.  She talked me into a pelvic exam some time back and it was more like torture.  I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I cannot anymore.  She has been defrauding records and I am demanding a different doctor.  She was told that any so-called mental health records with my name on them cannot be used in any way, shape, or form.  She started getting hyper, etc.  I checked out what she was charting about me and sure enough she is rotten to the core.  She even said that I send my delusions to the governor and she does not even know what all I sent.
Besides Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been under fire by the feds for sometime now.

Many of us know the truth about the evil killer drugs.  One survivor who helped save my life died of cancer.  At one time the drugs burnt her body from inside out.  It is more important to save the child molesters, rapists, criminals, corrupt official, corrupt lawyers, so-called ministers, etc. but destroy and kill the victims/targets/"Vicitms of Violent Crime".  It does not take a skyrocket scientist or criminologist in which to put the puzzle pieces together and connect the dots.

We certainly are a nation that tortures. 

I wish you well because many of us have been crying, begging, pleading, and demanding help and no one wants to aid us.    


Dear Camille,
I am emailing to show my complete support for the comission to investigate the link between anti-depressents and suicide.I myself tried many of the SSRI's when they first became available and suffered various behaviour changes along with many other unpleasant side-effects.When my mother tried to come off seroxat she was unable to function for a year and actually thought she was losing her mind.Whilst sufferering from the effects of withdrawal she said life wasnt worth living.I know of many horror stories associated with these drugs and wholeheartedly support all you are doing to bring these issues into public awareness.Wishing you great success with your endeavour.
yours sincerely  Annemarie Searle


Dear Camille,
My heart goes out to you on the tragedy you have needlessly suffered due to the side effects of these horrible drugs.  Thank you for courageously telling others about the dangers of these drugs.  People have to know how dangerous the SSRI's can be.  I was on Paxil for an unrelated reason and it is only through dumb luck and a strong nutritional program
that I was able to successfully wean myself off the drug.  However, I should not have been put on that drug in the first place.  I was lucky, so many others aren't. 
God bless you as you continue your work.
Pam Jaffke  DVM


As a consultant to a major laboiratory assessing minerals and health care, I would sincerely urge your continuous of investigation in the matter of anti-depressants and suicides.

Thanks you

William Risley

Reply to


Hello Camille,

I fully support:

New Mexico State Senator Carraro has proposed a commission to investigate the link between antidepressants and suicide and make recommendations to the government based on their findings.

I have helped two suicidal women over the last 4 years come off antidepressants using concentrated nutrition.   One is a pharmacist now back working full time for 2 years already.   She is very aware of the danger of these drugs both personally and professionally.

The other woman is now down to 1 drug from 10 and out of hospital now for a stretch of almost a year.  She would never have dared dream of ever getting off these drugs.  

The most pathetic thing this medication and the system does by using these drugs is to make the person (victim) feel that it is the inadequacies within themselves that create the suidical response.  They feel shame, guilt and doubt, not to mention great fear.   We would never consider demanding that someone who has been fed arsenic - just get over it!    It is not humanly possible to defeat these poisons once injested.   

Society has to realize that these extreme human responses are "normal" responses to an insane drug approach.   Anyone in doubt should be forced to swallow the stuff.

Karen Linde
Winnipeg, MB

I regret you had to suffer such a great loss to bring you to this position. 
God Bless You.


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