The power of the placebo effect

Drug makers withhold negative data about deaths!

By the time he was 11 he felt suicidal and after being diagnosed with depression by a doctor; A turnaround came last year when Keiren was enrolled in an exercise-based therapy program.

Meds including anti-anxiety pills, WELLBUTRIN for depression and medications for pain, migraines and to combat his sleep apnea;Taken by Ship's Pilot Led to Crash into Bay Bridge!

Psychologists shouldn't write prescriptions for psychotropic drugs

Nadia's anti-depressant should be monitored because it can cause suicidal thoughts

the “dirty little secret” of the psychiatric world.

Anti-psychotics may speed Alzheimer’s decline

Funding from Drug Manufactures is dangerous and unethical

Letter to the editor by Dr. Ann Tracy

Glaxo fights public trials and our Government supports them!

2.5 Million children on drugs in US (prescription drugs)

Our children are at risk. Anti-psychotics may cause long-term harm

Even Fido is not safe!

Contrary to popular wisdom, ANTI-DEPRESSANTS DON'T WORK!

The FDA - A Crooked System

We're not told about the difficult, painful and often deadly withdrawal from ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

R.E.M. Sleep Disorder and Suicide

More Reasons Not to Take Psychiatric Drugs

Why Psychiatric Drugs Are Always Bad

Missing 18-year-old, who was taking anti-depressants, had mentioned the possibility of harming herself.

Wall street traders admit to masking reality during the Bursting of the "Tech Bubble" by taking ANTI-DEPRESSANTS.


20 year-old student on EFFEXOR falls dead on campus

4 Years Ago On This Day March 17

The devil began controlling him after he started taking PAXIL

Child and Adolecent psychiatrists more likely to give higher stimulant doses, and partner them with other medications like anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs

Anxiety as our state of being

Coroner to contact drug authorities because he fears people are killing themselves after taking antidepressants.

St John's Wort -- Possible Natural Alternative to Prozac

Alcoholics in a rage become much more violent when they are also taking an SSRI

Criminal Culpability in Prescription Drug Deaths

Ex-Drug Sales Rep Tells All

19 year FBI veteran on CELEXA tortures girlfriend

Suicides among active-duty soldiers rises to highest level along with use of SSRI ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. Surprise, surprise.

Psychiatric drugging is an unfolding national tragedy of immense proportions.

Foster children 4 times more likely to receive psychotropic drugs

Teen on PAXIL, which has been known to increase levels of aggression and risk-taking, burns down school.

"Forcing Psychiatric Drugs Can Increase Violence," Warns New
Task Force

Woman teacher on PROZAC molests 16 year-old boy.

When is enough enough? New SNRI Anti-Depressant PRISTIQ gets FDA approval. Expect a sharp increase in homicides and suicides!

Withdrawal from ANTI-DEPRESSANTS points strongly to the possibility of heightened violence.

Would I need to take Paxil forever? Paxil was a merely a bank loan that I had to eventually repay with interest.

Officers said her speech was slow and slurred and that she appeared disoriented and unsteady. She also failed a field sobriety test. But chemical tests later showed that the Prozac , the most popular anti-depressant in the world, was the only drug Kent had in her system

One of the most ridiculous ways to push ANTI-DEPRESSANTS; on our pets!

While on PROZAC for only 6 weeks, I became a totally different person.

Eliot Spitzer suffered from depression and was on medication at the time he became involved in this irrational activity.

Researchers conclude that there is little reason to prescribe new-generation (SSRI) antidepressant medications.

She took the anti-depressants. She also took two painkillers. Unknown to her, the two of them didn't mix.

The creation of the Prozac myth - Has the depression bubble burst?

The Pharmaceutical Medicine (Allopathy) Hoax & Conspiracy

Taking Prozac for depression is mostly a waste of time, say scientists

Prozac withdrawal can make a person irritable and aggressive, and Ambien and Xanax each can cause a person to shed inhibitions, according to the FDA's drug labeling.

Kazmierczak's PROZAC use fuels debate over side effects

U.K. Government to Fund 3,500 More Therapists as Antidepressants are Ineffective

ANTI-DEPRESSANTS are NOT effective - independent study shows!

Prescription drugs more of a problem than illegal street drugs!

Unquestionable link between ANTI-DEPRESSANTS and suicide

Consequences of Going 'Off Meds'

AP Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water

Doctor on Zoloft abuses and mutilates hundreds of patients

Overselling Overmedication - most adults and children with mental health issues don’t get the specialized help that they need - just drugs.

The new Prozac will decrease side effects of the existing Prozac such as .. "inner restlessness (akathisia), suicidal thoughts and self-mutilation" - the same effect Lilly has contended has not occurred in any substantial way in some 200 lawsuits against it over the past decade. (Most of the suits were settled out of court and the terms kept confidential)


Trials Expected To Expose SSRI Dirty Secrets

Lawmakers Catch Glaxo Hiding Paxil Suicide Risks - Again

Did GSK trial data mask Paxil suicide risk?

SSRIs Have Been Linked to Spontaneous Abortion
and Birth Defects in Newborns

F.D.A. Requiring Suicide Studies in Drug Trials

The Depressing truth about ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

Remembering Emily; another ANTI-DEPRESSANT tragedy

A man, who took all his depression medication in one go, was found with a hatchet

Delta Burke on "ANTI-DEPRESSANTS and stuff"

Accidental Overdose Killed Heath Ledger

The FDA said four patients who were taking one of the antiepileptic drugs committed suicide compared to none of the patients in the placebo group

House Committee Blasts FDA for Delay on Antidepressant Warnings

Little recourse for patients


SSRI's are "all the rage" due to misguided public perception

New York state's Medicaid program paid $82.8 million in 2006 for two dozen psychiatric drugs for tens of thousands of children - with many of the med's not FDA-approved for kids

Antidepressant Studies More Likely to Get Published If Positive

An excess of the feel-good hormone serotonin (like that caused by SSRI ANTI-DEPRESSANTS) were making Richard feel constantly buzzing.

There are no safe prescription medications

Lilly continues to harm and the U.S. Government continues to pay them to do it! Which, of course, means we pay in more ways than one!

Florida agency to review antipsychotic drug policy for kids

Jury Trials In 2008 Expected To Expose SSRI Maker's Dirty Secrets

Adverse SSRI Reactions

Psychiatric Drug Facts


Decline in suicides after black box warnings

The Drugging of Our Children

ANTI-DEPRESSANTS behind 52 percent of all suicides among women

The truth about the Drug Companies

FDA is Placing Corporations Above Public

Paxil, Prozac and SSRI Induced Suicide

WOW!!! FDA Orders Suicide/Psychiatric Reactions for MANY medications

F.D.A. Requiring Suicide Studies in Drug Trials

Do guns kill? No, ANTIDEPRESSANTS do.

Dear Tammy letter about Eli Lily cover-ups

School Bus Driver was on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION when he had an accident injuring 2 students and kept driving.

Another case of Non-reporting and cover-ups by Eli Lily

Negative data on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS is not reported or is rewritten to look like a positive outcome!

Antidepressant Effectiveness Overstated

Recreational Drugs FAR Less Likely to Kill You than Prescribed Drugs!


The only thing more scary than going on PROZAC is coming off PROZAC

Tom Cruise: Shields made mistake with drugs

Antidepressants Under Scrutiny Over Efficacy

More "Non-Reporting" of Unfavorable Drug Studies

More "Selective Reporting" of SSRI effectiveness by manufacturers misleads FDA and the public

Reporting on SSRI ANTI-DEPRESSANTS is not consistent with FDA findings. For the most part, only positive reports are published.

Mass Betrayal of Children by FDA, Big Pharma

Antidepressants increase suicide risk in young adults, study finds

Experts question whether SSRI Anti-Depressants should be used at all


Drug Maker Withheld PAXIL Study Data

Drugs (SSRI Anti-Depressants) Raise Risk of Suicide

Depressed police chief given PROZAC before his "out of character" behavior

Jamie Shaw, known to millions for his appearances on the satellite TV show Pimp My Ride, took ANTI-DEPRESSANTS before his tyrade

Be very careful with anti-depressants and tranquilizers. Side-effects can make the treatment worse than the disease.

Important Written Testimony by Amy Philo for FDA hearing on Zyprexa

FDA knew of suicide link between SSRI's and children but decided to go for the money instead.

10-year-old on PROZAC was like someone on heroin

There is little difference between the physiological affects of the drug MDMA (street name: ecstasy) and that of Prozac. Society approves of Prozac which makes millions for its makers, Eli Lilly & Co., but demonizes MDMA and jails its purveyors.

Eli Lilly and Co. says new Prozac will decrease side effects of the existing Prozac such as headaches, nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as "inner restlessness (akathisia), suicidal thoughts and self-mutilation.! They now admit these side effects!!

scientists tested the levels of the mood-regulating chemical serotonin in 20 patients who suffer panic attacks and found that, even on a good day, the average levels of the chemical in the brains of at least 15 of the patients were eight times higher than normal. So why would they prescribe a medicine that raises the levels further?

Prozac, billed for years as a harmless wonder drug, often creates more problems than the depression it is supposed to be treating, warns the head of the World Health Organization's unit monitoring drug side-effects.

An excess of Serotonin (as is caused by SSRI's) is responsible for increased Violence!

Exercise is better at treating Depression than Anti-Depressants!

Henri Paul, driver of the Mercedes in which he, Dodi Fayed, and Princess Diana were killed was on PROZAC. Prozac can cause a craving for alcohol.  This is even listed in the insert for Paxil.  Since the liver cannot metabolize the combination of both an SSRI & alcohol, there is a synergistic effect of raised levels of both alcohol and Prozac/SSRIs

Winona Ryder on ZOLOFT during 2001 Shoplifting arrest

All-Pro center, Barret Robbins misses Super Bowl

Glen Campbell blames arrest on mixing alcohol with LEXAPRO

Drug's link to violence not studied by FDA, data show

A survey found that 97 % of respondents knew of someone who had experienced unwanted or uncomfortable reactions to Seroxat [PAXIL]; 20 % reported violent behavior

Debra Beasley Lafave had sex with her 14-year-old student while she was prescribed PAXIL AND WELLBUTRIN

ZOLOFT causes patient to have thoughts of killing himself and others according to a drug company study

FDA admits a higher than expected rate of Suicide attempts

Britney Spears Exhibits Bizarre Behavior on PAXIL

WELLBUTRIN / ZYBAN responsible for 468 Deaths Reported to FDA Thru 2003

4.8 Million Person Increase in Bipolar Disorder in Last 11 Years: Majority Due to SSRI Use

Suicidal behavior linked to serotonin receptors.

Woody Matters!


Anti-Depressants and Suicide

SSRI Anti-Depressants and Suicidal Behavior

ANTI-DEPRESSANTS causing suicide

My KSL comment by Dr. Ann Blake Tracy

Medical Fascism Blog

Children and Adults Against Drugging America

What was GlaxoSmithKline thinking?

Prescription: Suicide?

We commend and support our ethical healthcare providers!

FDA runs protection racket for Big Pharma

Lillygate - Tales of corruption

New England Journal of Medicine article on the FDA

The lawlessness of the FDA

Stop the Damn Insanity

Is the FDA keeping us safe?

Suicides caused by PROZAC


Stop the Insanity

SSRIs: Wonder drugs From Hell

Experts say ANTI-DEPRESSANT drugs cause suicides instead of preventing them!

More on the Quackery

Serotonin and Depression: A Disconnect between the Advertisements and the Scientific Literature

Guitarist Casey Calvert Died of Medication Mixture

Bizarre behavior involved Prozac and a Shotgun

PROZAC in the Drinking Water!
Water treatment plants in the U.S. are not designed to get rid of medications

The Death Toll is Rising!

The untold dangers of SSRI antidepressants

Suicidal behavior linked to serotonin receptors.

Suicidal Thoughts/Behaviors Increase Among Teens Taking Prozac

The criminals running modern psychiatry

The link between Psychiatry, Drugs and Suicide

FDA Public Health Advisory: Suicidality in Children and Adolescents Being Treated With Antidepressant Medications

"...virtually all of the gun-related massacres that have made headlines over the past decade have had one thing in common: They were perpetrated by people taking Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil or a related antidepressant drug." (Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D., "The Reason Behind the Madness")

International Coalition For Drug Awareness - SSRI Med's

Japan Says Suicidal Cases Increase Among Takers of Paxil

Increased Risk of Suicide From Psychotropic Drugs

Suicide & Death Can Lurk In Each SSRI Pill

Suicidality, violence and mania caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs): A review and analysis

An open letter regarding the FDA & MCA PAXIL-SUICIDE WARNINGS

What Causes School Violence?

End Of Antidepressants? - 68 Times Greater
Suicide Risk Shown!

Psychiatrist Blows The Lid On Antidepressants

Antidepressants a Suicide Risk for Young Adults

Suicide Watch: Antidepressants get large-scale inspection

A Suicide Side Effect? / What parents aren't being
told about their kids' antidepressants

FDA releases over 5,000 Chantix complaints

Antidepressants may cause violence in sleep

Lawsuits over antidepressants claim the drug is worse than the disease

Columbine survivor letter to the FDA

Anti-depressant pharmaceutical medications may cause violence

Doctors Prescribe Antidepressants for Babies

Anti-Depressants and Birth Defects

PROZAC manufacturer tries to conceal suicide link

More cover-ups by Eli Lilly

Cover-ups by GlaxoSmithKline

numerous other acts of seemingly "senseless violence" carried out by adults who were later exposed as having been under psychiatric treatment, including "Unabomber" Ted Kaczinski, Jeffrey Dahmer, Michael McDermott (on Prozac when he shot and killed seven co-workers in December 2000), John Hinckley, Jr. (attempted assassination of President Reagan), Byran Uyesugi (Hawaiian Xerox employee who shot and killed seven co-workers in November 1999), Mark David Chapman (assassinated John Lennon) and many others.

the consistent use of anti-depressants by the murderers and the possible connection between the drugs and the deaths.

Antidepressants and shootings

Fed up with the FDA

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- Coalition Of Parents Enduring Suicide