Young mother had been given a MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION before drowning herself and her baby.

Man on withdrawal from WELBUTRIN shoots neighbor and then himself; families wonder why.

Depression + Medication = Wendy's Shooter

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS lures his 3-year-old son into a cardboard box with new toys, stabs him to death shortly after killing his pregnant wife and four other relatives.

Steve Kazmierczak stopped taking PROZAC a few weeks before the shootings

NIU shooter became violent if he stopped taking the antidepressant and anti-anxiety pills prescribed for him

Gunman in Northern Illinois University shooting rampage stopped medication, became erratic..................

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS held his 3-year-old son close to him and jumped in front of a subway train

Woman stopped taking her ANTI-DEPRESSANTS and attempts to kill her son before killing herself

Toxicology reports found no illegal drugs in mothers system; just a prescribed ANTI-DEPRESSANT

Woman attempts to kill 2 daughters and self with ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

Woman on overdose of ANTI-DEPRESSANTS stabs mother to death before she dies

Eastern Arizona coach, Tim Parmeter, deals with the unthinkable; just like us, he lost a child to Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to LEXAPRO

Woman on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION sets moving car on fire killing herself and 2 kids.

Investigators believe Anita Munoz, 65, shot her husband, Isaac Munoz, 66, then turned the gun on herself; she was on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

Murder-Suicide was a mystery until they learned that the shooter recently stopped taking his ANTI-DEPRESSANT medication

Joseph Wesbecker killed 8 fellow employees at the Standard Gravure plant and then himself - PROZAC

77 year-old on PROZAC plunged a knife into her husband 35 times before stabbing herself 50 times.

Angry lottery worker kills 4, self in Connecticut while on LUVOX

Phil Hartman's wife on ZOLOFT when shooting him and then herself

Doug Williams was on ZOLOFT and CELEXA during the
Lockheed Martin Massacre

Crown Prince Dipendra was taking anti-depressants and began threatening to kill his family; kills 9 then himself

Mother on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION sets two small children and self on fire

Woman kills boss then self while taking ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

Disturbed Church Shooter was on Prozac for 8 months
A killer's ramblings
Church Shooter not violent

"A friend of Hawkins told KETV that Hawkins had been on antidepressants, staying with friends and bouncing from job to job."
Robert Hawkins: His life a tragic tumble down

Man on and off of Paxil shoots wife and self

Did anti-depressants kill in Finland?

Mother on anti-depressants kills kids and self

82 year old kills wife and self; he was on anti-depressants for 8 days

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS shoots wife several times then himself

Pro Wrestler kills family then self while on Prozac

Mom tries to help boyfriend on anti-depressants; she was killed before he killed himself as her young daughter watched.

"He allegedly killed his wife and attempted to kill himself as a result of withdrawal from the anti-depressant drug Paxil, according to court records."

Mom on ZOLOFT kills husband, kids and then self

Man, 2 children found dead in burned SUV

Mother was like a "Zombie" when she killed her kids and attempted to kill herself. She was on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS.

"A woman, apparently suffering from depression, set herself and her three children ablaze at Pathan ki Chali in Maninagar. According to police, the woman Shanaz Bano was also under medication for depression."

Mother under medication for depression poured kerosene on herself and on her three sleeping children and then set them on fire

Investigators found empty packets of anti-depression medication near bodies in house fire.

Mother tries to electrocute daughter and herself

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS strangles girlfriend and attempts to kill himself

Douglas Pennington had been experiencing negative side effects from his medication shot and killed himself and his two children

Man who shot and killed his parents, then took his own life he had stopped taking medication for manic depression days before

Toxicology finds ANTI-DEPRESSANTS in assistant principal who killed two people before turning the gun on himself

Mother kills self and 2 year old son while on LEXAPRO

Husband kills wife, self; his mood changed after he stopped taking his antidepressant medicine

Man shoots girl then self while on CELEXA

Man on CELEXA kills wife, 2 children and self

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS kills wife of 34 years and self

She had given each of the children five anti-depressant pills and took 10 herself before setting the fire

Detectives say there was anti-depression medication and sleeping pills at the scene

Man on Effexor shoots wife, dog and self

Teen kills mother and self after recently stopping his anti-depressant

Man jumps from 50ft balcony with this 2 and 6 year olds. He took a cocktail of anti-depressants and alcohol shortly before.

Mother flung self and 2 young children under the train. Her prescribed anti-depressants were changed repeatedly.

18 year old on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS shoots girlfriend repeatedly, tells her he loves her, then shoots himself.

Man on ZOLOFT kills kids and self. Wife and deputy are wounded.

He committed a murder while on Zoloft at the age of 16; Then was given one of the older antidepressants and, shortly after, committed suicide

Mother used her ANTI-DEPRESSANTS in an attempt to murder her kids and kill herself

79 year old being treated for depression, kills wife then himself

Man on PROZAC kills police officer, his grandmother and himself

Father on Anti-depressants and two children found dead in apparent murder-suicide

Man kills Self and Wife of 47 years while on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION

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