Please join my Crusade to Abolish Suicide-Causing Anti-Depressants,
Anti-Anxiety, SSRI and SNRI drugs.

Our goal is to get our stories heard, pictures of our beautiful babies seen, educate the public as to what happened to them so it doesn't happen to their children.

ILoveYouSarina21 Memorial Website was created November 17, 2007.
COPES Foundation was Founded on November 19, 2007.
COPES Foundation Website was created November 20, 2007.

Help me get my daughter's voice heard.
Sarina's Voice must be heard loud and clear in order for us to make a difference.

200,000 people die each year from prescription drugs, yet approximately only 20,000 die as a result of illegal drug use.

More people have been killed by their S.S.R.I. Anti-Depressants than were killed by “Terrorists” on 9/11.
Who are the real  “Terrorists”???

Suicide-Causing Anti-Depressants must be abolished and eliminated.
They are killing our children.
Manufacturers must be stopped and I can't do it alone. Please help me !!
We can make a difference, we can help other parents avoid the pain and torment of losing a child to suicide.
These medications are "proven" to have Suicide-causing tendencies and are being given to our children.

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- Coalition Of Parents Enduring Suicide