Office shooter had stopped taking his medication a few weeks before the April 2007 incident.

The question is why this apparently quiet 17-year-old snapped. He was on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION.

Father was prescribed the antidepressant ZOLOFT . However, he stopped taking the medication a few weeks before his daughter wound up in the microwave!

David Ragsdale's family announced that a cocktail of psychiatric medications was the true cause of his crime.

34 year-old on CELEXA stabs aunt to death


Doctor blamed in death of 4 year-old

David Ragsdale's attorney and family are hoping to show that a cocktail of antidepressants and other mood-altering drugs led him to shoot his wife

Man taking seven "heavy medications" prescribed by his NURSE including 2 ANTI-DEPRESSANTS, shoots wife in church parking lot.

Family sues psychologist over daughter's overdose

Teen on PROZAC killed by police

Man under the influence of ANTI-DEPRESSANT kills wife and son and sets them on fire.

His fantasies involving cannibalism began about the time he started taking the antidepressant LEXAPRO.

Killer of 10 year-old took antidepressant medication and often appeared detached from reality.

The shooter in the tragic stand-off in Winnetka that left five dead, including a SWAT officer, had depression and was receiving medication.

College student on CELEXA stabs boyfriend seven times in the neck, torso, leg, and chest

Woman charged with vehicular homicide did not have any alcohol in her blood; she did have 3 ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

14 year-old stabs officer in chest

Woman sentenced to life in prison for poisoning daughter with ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

Machete Man may have been influenced by the effects of withdrawal from ANTI-DEPRESSANTS at the time

Man on Paxil attempts to set police officers on fire

Man stopped taking his ANTI-DEPRESSANT MEDICATION 4 days before he murdered his wife.

Man on PROZAC shoots girlfriend

Woman on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION kills brother-in-law with poison cocktail of anti-freeze

Man on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION beats 18 month old daughter to death.

Psychiatrist on ANTI-DEPRESSANT cocktail drowns 16 year old daughter in bath tub

16-year-old on ZOLOFT beat an 81-year-old woman to death

Woman on PROZAC kills her 87 year-old mother by biting her face neck and arms 20 times.

16 year-old Christopher Rice had no indication of drug or alcohol abuse but was on a MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION when he killed his mother and sister.

14 year-old girl could be one of the youngest people to ever be sentenced to life in prison; she was on PROZAC.

Serial Killer Dana Sue Gray was taking PAXIL while committing these tragic homicides.

Christopher Pittman was involuntarily intoxicated by Zoloft when he killed his grandparents

Valerie Hall shoved her psychiatrist mom down the stairs and bashed her skull in with a small sledgehammer while on WELLBUTRIN

Michael McDermott, who killed 7 at Edgewater Tech, was not only on Prozac, he had upped his dosage twice

15 year-old girl was suffering PAXIL Withdrawal when she stabbed and killed her 6 year-old brother

Mark Hobson: Britain's most wanted man? He was prescribed anti-depressants in the period just before the murders.

10 year-old on PROZAC Shot and Killed his Father

16 year old was on ZOLOFT when she shot and killed her parents

Cody Posey, 14, was on Zoloft when he killed his parents and sister on Sam Donaldson's ranch

Father murders 5 year old twin daughters; he was recently put on PAXIL

O. J. Simpson on Double Dose of PROZAC at Time of Murders

18 year-old on PROZAC kills Mother and 2 younger sisters

16 year old on PROZAC kills nurse with a knife

Woman attacks daughter with hammer then attempts to overdose on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION


Man kills wife; he had been given 17 different medications for his depression

Woman given ANTI-DEPRESSANT to prevent suicide; causes homicide

DOH employee was on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION when he killed his wife

Father on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION kills two sons

Woman on PAXIL drowns baby in bathtub; says infant is possessed by demons

Man taking ANTI-DEPRESSANTS dresses like Santa before attempting to murder a family

Man stops taking ANTI-DEPRESSANTS and slays cousin and her 6 year old daughter

Man stomps wife to death over fast food

Adoptive mother on LEXAPRO kills baby in a fit of rage

Adverse reaction to the switching of her anti-depressants results in death of innocent man

Woman stabs husband then questioned whether her husband was dead and requested anti-depressant medication.

Mother dopes her month-old daughter's bottle with painkiller and antidepressants

Therapist on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS stabs girlfriend

Man taking medication for depression shoots another several times

Man kills two in Illinois: He testified that he was taking antidepressant medication samples given him by his family doctor

Relatives said he took the Paxil even though he was "afraid to take it."

Man on medication for depression sets fire killing 7

Man on medication for depression commits murder

Woman kills her lover while on PROZAC

Mother kills 6 month old baby; said she hadn't taken her depression medication that day.

Woman drowns 5 year old son After taking a double dose of her recently-resumed anti-depressant medication

Woman shoots husband while "drunk and on anti-depressants."

Mother on EFFEXOR charged with killing her 9 year old son

"Regular guy" stops taking medicine for depression and kills girlfriend of 5 years

2 little girls found dead; mother was on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION

Man kills wife; depression medication blamed for sudden violence

Man taking pills for depression kills 2 family members

Woman blames the killing of her son on the ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

Man stops taking ANTI-DEPRESSANTS shortly before shootings

Brutal stabbing by woman on PROZAC

16 year old on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION had no history of violence when he raped and killed his sister

"He allegedly killed his wife and attempted to kill himself as a result of withdrawal from the anti-depressant drug Paxil, according to court records."

Man drowns 2 year old while on Anti-Depressant

Man on ZOLOFT and XANAX kills cell mate

Man suddenly became enraged and violent; kills elderly woman

Husband is adversely affected by ANTI-DEPRESSANTS; kills wife

Murderer had been prescribed PROZAC

Man on ZOLOFT kills ex

Doctor increased dosage of Cymbalta four days before the murder

Man took ZOLOFT days before killing wife

Wife kills husband while taking ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

75 year old man had been taking ANTI-DEPRESSANTS for weeks before killing wife with wooden mallet

Woman was suffering withdrawal symptoms of EFFEXOR when she killed her best friend

Man's PROZAC prescription runs out and he snaps; kills wife and daughter

Man stopped taking MEDICATION for DEPRESSION before shooting wife

Woman with high level of PROZAC sets fire killing 4

Withdrawal from LEXAPRO causes man to shoot ex-girlfriend

20 year old on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS beat and stabbed girls to death

Mother kills daughter; her violence traced to PROZAC

18 year old on Wellbutrin kills father

Woman kills lovers wife; she recently stopped taking her anti-depressants

Woman was seeing two psychiatrists and was taking antidepressant medication when she killed her daughter

Woman stops taking MEDICATION for DEPRESSION and smothers 2 year old

O.J. was on PROZAC at the time

Man drowns woman; he was on ZOLOFT

Man had been taking PROZAC before killing entire family

Mother on PROZAC said “demons overtook her” when she pressed a pillow over her son’s face

Father on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS adored daughter, until he killed her

Man kills innocent victim after being mistakenly given EFFEXOR

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS and Pain Meds brutally kills another

Man on PAXIL shoots wife

19 year old patient kills psychiatrist

14 year old kills friend

Mother on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS kills baby with salt overdose

Mother on four ANTI-DEPRESSANTS kills infant son

Man suffering Effexor Withdrawal kills 3 people


Mother taking MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION drowns son


12 year old on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION kills sister

Man on EFFEXOR drowns son in tub

CELEXA caused man to stab wife

Mother on ZOLOFT drowns 1 year old son

EFFEXOR possible link when Andrea Yates drowned her 5 children

15 year old prescribed EFFEXOR one month before murder

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS shoots daughter-in-law

ANTI-DEPRESSANTS could have been a factor in shooting

Woman on ZOLOFT stabs daughter

Man kills father after he put him on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

Woman can't afford her ANTI-DEPRESSANTS; kills daughter during withdrawal

Dentist on Serzone and Wellbutrin stabs wife to death

Man on Lexapro planned to eat 10 year old after killing her

13 year old on PROZAC kills grandmother

Headmistress of girls school kills doctor

teacher on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS kills 12 year old student

Boxer felt guilty about hurting someone in the ring, took ANTI-DEPRESSANTS and killed someone

Man on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS strangles fiancé with dog leash

Phil Spector was on PROZAC and TOPAMAX at the time of his arrest

Cody Posey, 14, was on Zoloft when he killed his parents and sister.

Man who killed girlfriend probably was suffering from withdrawal from EFFEXOR, an antidepressant he had been taking

Man on EFFEXOR kills co-worker

Father being treated with ANTI-DEPRESSANTS kills his 8 year old girl

Mother on EFFEXOR kills 17 month old daughter

Mother on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS puts 3 month old in dryer

Man on PROZAC kills his 2 year old son with a brick

Murderer hadn't taken any illegal drugs, just his usual PROZAC

Man on EFFEXOR says he "just snapped"; kills his wife with a baseball bat

Man on CELEXA heard voices before fatally stabbing friend

the defense attorney blames the prescription drug PAXIL

Man blamed his actions on taking the anti-depressant drug Seroxat (PAXIL)

Murder's behavior blamed on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS

Man kills son; he had been taking PAXIL for three weeks

Murderer on EFFEXOR "would have been better with no medication."

Man on EFFEXOR kills father

Police Officer Shot by Man in 3 Day Effexor Withdrawal

Father on CYMBALTA kills 9 month old son

Woman on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION kills infant son

Man was taking CELEXA when he killed his wife, his father-in-law and his son.

Mother on ANTI-DEPRESSANTS beats sons to death

Daughter on PROZAC kills father

17 year old stopped taking ANTI-DEPRESSANTS before killing teacher

Man on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION kills wife and daughter

Mother on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION brutally kills 3 year old son

16 year old kills Mother and Sister while on MEDICATION FOR DEPRESSION

Man on Anti-depressants brutalizes taxi driver - Has no memory of what happened

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