Sarina's Voice "will" be heard, Sarina's life "will" be celebrated, Sarina's death "will not" be in vain!

As Sarina's mother, I "will" do everything in my power to Abolish Suicide-Causing Anti-Depressants!

I will spend the remainder of my days fighting the use of Psychotropic Drugs, I will fight this war for the rest of my life to educate about the link between SSRI's and Suicide, I will make it my personal battle to bring Prescription Drug Awareness to the general public and I will do this with the help of my army behind me; all of you that have supported me, my cause, my crusade and my daughter. I am honored to have all of you on my side and to call you all friends and family.

My work I do for Sarina and all the others out there who are, have been and could be innocent victims to these killer drugs.

There is no need for this to be in our society. The truth needs to be told so we do not lose any more people to this tragic death. These Anti-Depressant drugs have caused too much havoc for far too long and if not stopped now will continue to wreak more and more suicides, murder/suicides, school shootings and murder.

This Multi-Billion Dollar Industry has proof that over 63,000 suicides are directly related to these drugs. There is entirely too much human suffering caused by SSRI's.

200,000 people die each year from prescription drugs, yet only 20,000 die as a result from illegal drug use.

More people have been killed by SSRI's than were killed by Terrorists in 9/11, who are the real Terrorists?

My Battle is to challenge the FDA, please email me as someone who wants to support me, join me, make a difference and save lives. I need hundreds of people with me to go Face-to-Face with the FDA.

Who's in???

Email me your full name, email address, city and state if you want to be part of my "COPES Challenge: Going Face-to-Face with the FDA", We will add your names and your personal stories or testimonials, so include them too.

Please forward this letter to "everyone" in your address book, as usual, ask them to forward it to everyone in their address book and so on and so on, Post this on any and all forums, blogs and websites you can.


FDA Challengers:

Michelle Lynn Mayes
Maryville, TN

Amy Philo
Frisco, TX

Lynn Kaufman
Shawnee Mission, KS

Benjamin Merhav
Victoria, Australia

Blake Ballew
Albuquerque, NM

Lynn Griffin
Dixon Springs, TN

Jim Moore
Austin, TX

Glenna L. Todovich

Allen Darman

Carolyn Meece
Rockford, IL

Linda McMichael
Marietta, GA

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